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Work hard but work smarter. Improve your money IQ. Achieve the richer life you deserve.


Commit to being rich, inside and out. Take the steps to a richer life. Take others with you.


It will not be quick, takes time, hard work and money smarts, but worth the shot. Doesn’t begin with money, but within you.

#GYMBFF: Guides to a Richer Life

Attaining financial freedom can be a long, slow process. But here, we make sure your efforts count, we make it a lot easier.


Master our proven yet practical framework towards financial freedom and a richer life. And nope, it does not begin and end with having money. Any Juan can begin, right here, right now.


Get easy access to our personal finance crash course so that you, as a beginner, can jump-start your journey to financial freedom.


Familiarize yourself with various investment vehicles, what’s hot and what’s not, discover what suits your budget, risk appetite and time horizon.


Less than 1 in 100 Filipinos invest or trade in the stock market. Of which, only 15% is profitable in 2 years time. Are you up to it? We can help you proceed with caution.


Time to upgrade yourself, be your own boss! Stakes are higher, but so are potential returns and fulfillment. Bring out the inner entrepreneur in you.


Like money, credit is neither good nor bad. It depends on how you use it. We’ll teach you how to use it to your advantage.


Discover the 3 pillars of wealth, and why building sturdy foundations for these is a must before embarking on your investment plans and pursuit of financial freedom.


Boost your money IQ, not just to accumulate wealth, but to share sustainable value and generate lasting impact to your life, to your loved ones, to other people and to the future generations.

10 Steps to a Richer Life

Learn the practical framework for the journey to financial freedom, neatly summarized in 10 steps. Meant for every Juan who aspires to have a better future. For every Juan who’s been working hard yet see minimal financial progress.


Savings, Expenses and Debt Mgt: 101++ Ways

Savings Management, Expense Management and Debt Management are like the legs of a stool. You have to manage each and every leg, you have to strengthen all three, to create a stable foundation for your financial life. You can’t just focus on one and shortchange the two because that will create an imbalanced stool, which will cause you, and your financial life to tumble.


Manage Your Money Better

30 educational and interactive modules, questionnaires, workbooks and calculators meant to boost Juan’s financial and money quotient (FQ) + 25 free ebooks!

Manage Your Money Now

Client Testimonials

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“I am subscribed to their mailing list for quite some time already. What I love, is that your inbox will not be flooded with emails that are more on promotions or encouraging you to join whatever program.

If they send something then it’s really worth to read. Also the articles were written simply that everyone can relate easily. Thank you for sharing your ideas and hope Pinoys in the near future will really have a Richer life. Cheers!!!”

Rodelia Arancon


“Housewife po ako at may isang anak. Gusto ko matuto mag-invest para sa anak ko at sa pagtanda ko. Minimum wager po ang asawa ko. Salamat po sa ebook na sinulat nyo. I will treat it as guide sir. Nag-aapply na po ako ng work, first few pages pa lang nung book na-apply ko na agad sa financial situation namin.”

Yna Mercadero


“Very direct answers sa mga questions ko. Big help!! Kudos to the developer. Sana marami pa kayo matulungan like sa mga newbies na kagaya ko in terms of investing. Thanks and God bless!”

Edjean Ara Uy


“Engaging and easy to understand. A must-read for every hardworking Pinoy!”

Em Manansala

Entrepreneur / Finance Professional

“This is a very good site for people who are new to investments. There’s a whole lot of options and people are willing to help. Surprisingly, contacting them gives you immediate replies!”

Allan Mendoza


“Very helpful. Always have a great time talking to Geri. We both share the same sentiments and aspirations in life.”

Jed Legaspi

Bank Analyst

“Very helpful and answers questions with complete details. Definitely the place you would go if you need an advice.”

Jerome Rivera

Nurse Entrepreneur

“Salamat po sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko. Salamat din sa mga articles n’yo na very informative. Nakakatulong talaga sa mga kagaya kong gustong maging financially stable.”

Fred Orosco

Marine Scientist

Hi Sir Geri. I am amazed by your journey as a blogger, investor and personal finance advocate. Avid reader ninyo ako sir sa mga articles niyo po and marami akong learnings na nakuha. You deserve all these kind words. Kudos!

Troy Gervacio

Graduating Student

“I just discovered this blog and now I’m hooked! Been reading your articles, very helpful for starters who want alternative investments. Thanks a lot, keep on writing!”

Stella Gillera

Hotel Manager

“Thank you for your blog posts. We appreciate you taking the time to talk to your readers about the credit information and how important it is for any individual to have good credit standing. We appreciate your website and looking forward to future collaborations.”

Renita Ramos

Credit Information Officer

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