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These testimonials were compiled from Facebook, emails, and testimonial form submissions. Stock images were used on purpose to protect their identity.

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I enjoy reading your posts. They are so insightful and I learn a lot. Do you have a podcast that I can follow? If not, I think it would be great if you have one. A podcast about financial literacy and investments na relevant in the Philippines would be a good addition to your blog. 🙂

Judie A.
Software Engineer

Housewife po ako at may isang anak. Gusto ko matuto mag-invest para sa anak ko at sa pagtanda ko. Minimum wager po ang asawa ko. Salamat po sa ebook na sinulat nyo. I will treat it as guide sir. Nag-aapply na po ako ng work, first few pages pa lang nung book na-apply ko na agad sa financial situation namin.

Yna M.

Engaging and easy to understand. I appreciate his effort to explain in detail in his every article. A must-read for every hardworking Pinoy! Should be promoted to college students as well, start them young!

Em M.
Entrepreneur / Finance Professional

This is a very good site for people who are new to investments. There’s a whole lot of options and people are willing to help. Surprisingly, contacting them gives you immediate replies!

Allan M.

Very helpful. Always have a great time talking to Geri. We both share the same sentiments and aspirations in life.

Jed L.
Bank Analyst

Very direct answers sa mga questions ko. Big help!! Kudos to the developer. Sana marami pa kayo matulungan like sa mga newbies na kagaya ko in terms of investing. Thanks and God bless!

Edjean U.

Hi Sir Geri. I am amazed by your journey as a blogger, investor and personal finance advocate. Avid reader ninyo ako sir sa mga articles niyo po and marami akong learnings na nakuha. You deserve all these kind words. Kudos!

Troy G.
Graduating Student

Salamat po sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko. Salamat din sa mga articles n’yo na very informative. Nakakatulong talaga sa mga kagaya kong gustong maging financially stable.

Fred O.
Marine Scientist

Very helpful and answers questions with complete details. Definitely the place you would go if you need an advice.

Jerome R.
Nurse / Entrepreneur

Thank you for your blog posts. We appreciate you taking the time to talk to your readers about the credit information and how important it is for any individual to have good credit standing. We appreciate your website and looking forward to future collaborations.

Renita R.
Credit Information Officer

I am subscribed to their mailing list for quite some time already. What I love, is that your inbox will not be flooded with emails that are more on promotions or encouraging you to join whatever program.

If they send something then it’s really worth to read. Also the articles were written simply that everyone can relate easily. Thank you for sharing your ideas and hope Pinoys in the near future will really have a Richer life. Cheers!!!

Rodelia A.
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