SMDC Grace Residences Lily Turnover Updates

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We are not irate or complaining. Impatiently excited yes. A few days or weeks delay is bearable, since we’ve been waiting for 4 years now, but with the right amount of pressure, hopefully the wait until 31Jan2017 won’t be necessary.


SMDC Grace Residences Updates: Tower 1 Turnover and Site Pictures

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The agent assigned onsite, named Gerald, was kind enough to give us a tour of the Orchid tower to see what it looks like, as well as some amenities so below are some more pictures. When asked if Tower 2 – Lily is within schedule of 4Q2016 turn-over, he said that it might be safe to expect it by Jan2017. Sigh.

SMDC Grace Residences: Updated Countdown to Turnover

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This is just our own unofficial countdown. If you ask SMDC peeps, they are not yet willing to commit to a turnover date but based on our request of DP extension to SMDC (from Dec2015 to Dec2016 in lieu of delayed turnover, a request which they granted), it seems that Dec2016 / 4Q2016 is indeed a more plausible turn-over timetable.

SMDC Grace Residences: Parking Slots

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I was surprised to learn that the cost per parking slot now starts at PHP750K, exclusive of 12% VAT and 6.5% other charges. So all in all, it’s at least PHP888,750. Crazy. I wonder how much the rival developer’s parking slot costs now, three years since. I just hope this means the property valuation of the actual condo unit has already appreciated too.