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Juan Liners: Buy or Ignore IPOs? It's Like Your New Office Crush

Juan Liners: Buy or Ignore IPOs? It’s Like Your New Office Crush

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Would you like to join the mad rush, or wait for the dust to settle? Anyway, if it is really a good company with solid fundamentals, one can always wait for the stock to fly.

Technical Analysis: Caveat Emptor

PSE Extended Trading Hours Phase 2

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Admittedly, the longer trading hours will take some time of getting used to, but hopefully we get to maximise the more hours given to us to execute our trading strategies.

Better to Start Small and Early Than To Invest Bigger Later On

PSE Extended Trading Hours Phase 1

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The next extension phase is expected to go live by 1Q2012, possibly in January which will extend trading hours to 3:30pm, but with a lunch break from 12nn-1:30pm. This move aims to align the trading hours with the regional practice

PSE Reveals Its New Website

PSE Joins Southeast Trading Platform

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I am always excited to hear good news and new improvements for PSE, not just for the stock but for the whole stock market in general. Such changes actually affect us all who participate in the market!

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