Manila, Philippines


Technical Analysis: Metro Pacific (MPI) and Petron Corp (PCOR)

Juan Liners: Throwback Sunday on Select Stock Prices Then and Now

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Alliance Global (PSE: AGI): Another favorite. Back in global recession, this used to cost 4 each. Now, less than a decade later, stock price is now at 30.40.

Mt. Balingkilat, Zambales: Insights and Joint Pains Post-Climb

Development Projects North of Manila

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When we moved to northeast of Metro Manila, part of me was thinking (and wishing) that development up north will soon (or slowly) catch up with that of the south.

insurance is like rain protection

Manila Water Holes Everywhere: Effect on Traffic and Stocks

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I have always been a MWC fan but their share prices have not moved much in the past years. 17 levels at 2007, then 10 levels during the global recession, then now at 19.

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