INVESTMENTS(1-min read)

To simplify your shopping for investment vehicles that suit your budget, appetite and investment horizon, we prepared the following browsing pages for you. Click the links to learn more.

INVESTMENT 101:  What’s your investment O-H-A? Look within yourself first, your capabilities and know-how.

INSURANCE: An under-appreciated but must-have investment for Filipinos.

HIGH YIELD DEPOSITS / BONDS: Suited for those with lower risk appetite but can still outpace inflation.

UITF / MUTUAL FUNDS: Let the experts invest for you via managed funds.

STOCKS: Higher risk but potentially higher returns, especially in the long-term.

REAL ESTATE: Invest in property PROPERLY. Always good to have a place/s to call your own.

CROWDFUNDING: Relatively new but promising investment channel capitalizing on the internet.

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4 thoughts on “INVESTMENTS(1-min read)

  1. Honetly we haven't looked into hospital stocks yet. Is this in Philippines?

    Offhand, what I'll check is the earning potential of the hospital and its growth potential. Another thing is how technologically driven it is. If it's a premium hospital then how fast it transitions to technologically advanced procedures is crucial. Just some points to consider in buying hospital stocks, just like buying PSE listed stocks.

  2. Hi! im planning to invest in hospital stocks as an investment. is that okay? What are your insights regarding this? Your adice will be very much appreciated 🙂

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