Cost Averaging Through BDO Equity Fund and EastWest PhilEquity Feeder Fund

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If the market is on its way to recovery, then I’m pretty excited about the upside, if not yet, then more chances to buy.


TEL Me Where It Hurts – When Buy and Hold Hurts Your Investments

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What happened to TEL shows how Buy and Hold (Forever) can hurt Juan’s investments. Those who bought TEL in 2006, hoping to gain much from it, will be depressed to see that after 10 years, there wasn’t any capital appreciation. Wasted time. Wasted paper gains all those years. I hope not a lot of people did that. Though again, a small compensation is the dividends so in that sense, it is still a lot better off than time deposits (even if invested capital did not appreciate).

Ask Geri: OFW Prepared for Death Expenses, Now How to Live?

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In a gist, VUL asks you to commit a monthly payment whether it is for the next 5, 7, 10 or 15 years. During this time, a portion goes to protection by guaranteeing an amount in case the owner dies, suffers disability or critical illness. Further a portion is invested in instruments that work like a Mutual Fund / UITF which grows exponentially over time. This fund is withdrawable for any use, such as eventual retirement, tuition fees, home purchase etc.

Ask Geri: VUL Insurance or Mutual Funds?

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Get both! The “or” approach may be stemming from the fact that VUL and investment funds do have some overlaps and maybe you want to avoid the redundancy and the repetition to sort of maximize your investments. But they do have distinct purposes and benefits that the other cannot provide.

Ask Geri: How to (1) Invest in Stocks Via Banks, (2) Beat Inflation and (3) Differentiate Blue Chips vs Smaller Cap Companies?

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If ever you go for a UITF, just choose stocks-related funds assuming these meet your risk appetite. Banks will ask you to answer a questionnaire to determine your risk appetite and investment horizon. Initial investment can be as low as PHP10K and incremental investments as low as PHP1K.

Where to Put My Christmas Bonus? v2

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Fully or partially pre-term your loans. I know this sounds so killjoy but hey, delay of gratification is always gratifying. And think about this. Imagine the interest savings you can get by pre-terminating your loans. Or the freed up money that used to be spent on amortizations.