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insurance is like rain protection

Manila Water Holes Everywhere: Effect on Traffic and Stocks

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I have always been a MWC fan but their share prices have not moved much in the past years. 17 levels at 2007, then 10 levels during the global recession, then now at 19.

AGI (Alliance Global) Profits Jump: Personal Buy Rating

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Given its wide array of subsidiaries, AGI is one of my favorite stocks. Recently, AGI released their 1H11 financials and I would say that the AFS presented very strong first half results.

Stocks Trading vs Investing in Stocks

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I think the Philippines lacks the media support in terms of stocks investments and stock market analysis, unlike in the US where we see a lot of TV shows that analyze the technicals and the fundamentals of a stock.

SMDC and Stocks Picking via Shopping

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Currently, SMDC has simultaneous constructions for their SM Residences condominium series all over Manila dubbed as Field, Sea, Light, Blue, Green, Grass, Jazz, etc. Comparing just the properties being constructed in Boni station will show that they can actually construct very fast.

Stock Investor Types and Strategies

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February is the most risky month to invest in stocks. As well as July, December, April, January, June, March, October, November, September, May and August.

Long Weekend and Holiday Economics

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These are just a few of the effects of holidays to our economy, whether micro or macro. As to how the effects are computed and quantified, I leave it to our qualified government officials and economists to check.

Stocks Trading for Beginners: Trading PSE Stocks Online

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It never fails, whenever people hear that I’m into stocks trading, I usually get questions on how much I invest, what stocks I buy, what my strategy is, and how to buy and sell stocks to begin with.

My Realistic Ideal Day: Financial Freedom

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No more 8am-5pm job for me. No more joining the rat race to and from Makati or BGC or Ortigas day and night. No more managing up to my superiors, no more waiting for recognition or the next payday or the next salary increase or promotion. I’m my own boss (after God and my wife of course).


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Actually in stocks, you cannot always attribute 100% of the price movement into a single event, disclosure, or news. Don’t have the time lately to read any recent news on BSC or any disclosures.

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