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SMDC Grace Residences Updates: Tower 1 Turnover and Site Pictures

Increased Demand for Presell Office Space

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As the saying goes, “build it and they will come”. Here, it’s as early as, “announce the plan for it, and they will come”.

Juan Liners: Demographic Sweet Spot and Other Drivers (or Show-stoppers) of Philippine Economy

Asset Price Bubble Imminent? Oversupply of Condominium Units?

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Is demand still there for these units which will finish 2014, 2015 some even up to 2017? And is the property market heating up so fast with all these investment activities that anytime soon, price increases may just burst and do a free-fall?

Meet Viya and Why Owning a Car Is (Not) An Expense

Should I Get a Car or Condo?

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Getting a condo over a car requires lots of guts and risk appetite. But for me, I’d rather spend on an investment with some comfort down the road, rather than spend for comfort now with only a depreciated car left after 5 years.

Bucket List: Fully Paid First Home Loan

TCT Title Transfer and Annotation Steps

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This entails some going back and forth to a number of government offices, so lots of free time or vacation leaves will be needed if you are to do this task yourself.

home loan steps philippines

TCT, CCT, Title Transfer, and Annotation Defined

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Title transfer signifies the transfer of ownership of a property usually via sale of that property (which in turn is usually documented via a deed of absolute sale.

home loan steps philippines

8 Easy Steps to Get a Home Loan in Philippines

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Assuming all requirements are in place and all insurance premiums are paid, you can now get your loan. Usually, loan providers give this via Managers Check, credit to account, and rarely cash. Take note that loan amount may not always equal drawn amount.

7 Factors that Affect Real Estate's Longevity

How and Where to Get a Home Loan in the Philippines?

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Note that almost all sellers do not lend 100% of the property price. Usually, buyers need to pay an equity portion (out of pocket) as down payment. Usually around 20-30% of selling price.

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