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Ask Geri: Two OFWs Want to Invest; Another Juan Will Migrate

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I am an OFW for 7 years and wanting to settle in our homelands by venturing into a piggery business. I’d like to plot my business plan so may I know the details you have on costs per piglet, feeds and live weight in slaughter houses. I hope to hear your thoughts on this matter.

SMDC Grace Residences: Updated Countdown to Turnover

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This is just our own unofficial countdown. If you ask SMDC peeps, they are not yet willing to commit to a turnover date but based on our request of DP extension to SMDC (from Dec2015 to Dec2016 in lieu of delayed turnover, a request which they granted), it seems that Dec2016 / 4Q2016 is indeed a more plausible turn-over timetable.

Step By Step Guide on Land Title Transfer in the Philippines

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Wrote the posts based on my personal experience when I solely handled the title transfer of the house and lot we bought way back then. I have observed that many still inquire about the steps, requirements among other things, maybe because Pinoys prefer to do this processing on their own, instead of outsourcing it to brokers, agents etc whose actual day job is to transfer titles.

SMDC Grace Residences: Parking Slots

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I was surprised to learn that the cost per parking slot now starts at PHP750K, exclusive of 12% VAT and 6.5% other charges. So all in all, it’s at least PHP888,750. Crazy. I wonder how much the rival developer’s parking slot costs now, three years since. I just hope this means the property valuation of the actual condo unit has already appreciated too.

SMDC Grace Residences Updates: Construction Site Pictures

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Based from the sales agent manning the Grace Residences showroom on-site, expected turn-over of Orchid Tower is 1H16 while Lily Tower is towards end of 2016. That means timelines have moved around 6 months later compared to initial timelines provided 2 years ago.

Get a Home Loan Soon(er); Loan-to-Value (LTV) and Interest Considerations

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BSP is planning to lower and tighten the LTV cap to 60%, which means future borrowers will have to shell out higher DP at 40%. This effectively makes the target market for home loans smaller since not everyone can easily afford a 40% DP.

Mini Piggery Venture: SOLD!

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Personally, I’m not yet closing my doors to this piggery venture, as long as I / we can correct the previous projections, and improve on the whole process. There were lots of learnings along the way.

Piglets, Price and Profit: Start-up Piggery Business

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Say a grown pig averages 90kg upon sale. Trade price as of this writing is at Php120 per kilo of live pig. Per kilo of pork meat (essentially a dead sliced pig) is higher given the mark-ups (butchering plus transportation costs, and less the weight of inedible parts). Anyway, if you sell a pig of 90kg at Php120 per kilo, that translates to Php10,800 gross sale. Less investment cost of Php7,765, net income is Php3,035.

Ask Geri: Why Do Banks Sell Repossessed Property & Vehicle At Lower Price?

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Banks do not lend 100% of the appraised value of the collateral, they usually put a cap to it, like 70% or 80%. This cap is the LTV ratio requirement. So if one is borrowing money to purchase a PHP1M car, the bank will just lend PHP800k or 80% of the value.

Ask Geri: I Have Extra Cash To Invest: Car or Condo?

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Both options above are illiquid and very long term commitments. Meaning if you change your mind, or have a need for cash beyond your emergency funds, it will be more difficult to sell these items to have cash.

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