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FarmOn: Recovery Effort, Withdrawal Update and Properties for Sale

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FarmOn sent a status update and report on their recovery efforts, withdrawal updates as well as properties for sale.

Condo: To Rent or To Buy?

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Some have a dilemma of whether to buy a condo or rent one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of buying and renting.

Current Outlook of Philippine Real Estate

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The current outlook of real estate in the Philippines has been mostly positive. Various factors ensured a continuous demand for commercial, residential, and mixed-use developments.

The Outlook on the Residential Market: Property investment as a safe haven during a crisis

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Residential houses showed a strong performance as a safe haven investment as pageviews grew by 2% during the ECQ Foreclosed properties also showed resilience amid the pandemic.

Q&A: Common Land Title Concerns on Pasalo, Notarization, and Collaterals

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Protect yourself in pasalo or assumed balance transactions by executing a Deed of Assignment so all the rights, title, and interest of the borrower are transferred to you. However, in some instances, this needs approval from the bank, developer, or creditor. 

Real Estate Investment Trust: Earn Rental Income with Ayalas For Lower Capital

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Ayala Land’s REIT, with code “AREIT” will start offering this week. Chance to earn rental income with Ayalas. Dividend yield is expected to be 5.86%

The Outlook by Lamudi: Eager Property Seekers, Diligent Brokers, and Developers Raring for Change

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In this Lamudi outlook report, we prepare for the new normal in real estate transactions by taking a deep dive into the market behavior with the help of responses from property seekers, property developers, and real estate brokers and agents.

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FarmOn Updates on Covid-19 Impact: Investments and Withdrawals Status

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FarmOn sent an update to its investors on Covid19 impact to operations. Investments are still in place and will be honored but withdrawals will be stopped for now. We think FarmOn needs time and liquidity, and mass withdrawals will be more harmful to its recovery chances. Caveat.

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PH Real Estate Leaders to Investors: Diversify with REIT

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) empower the individual investor by democratizing the property market and allowing investors to own a piece of property even when they don’t have the means to buy the entire building.

lamudi affordable housing fair

Lamudi Affordable Housing Fair July 2019

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Lamudi is bringing its Lamudi Affordable Housing Fair to the Glorietta Activity Center this July 20 to 21, 2019.

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