Juan Liners: Start Your Investments Small, Start Now

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On knowledge, after 2015 of browsing Facebook and the web almost daily, have you gained a bit of additional knowledge in terms of investing? Was there any deliberate effort to learn? At this age of information technology, knowledge is really within our fingertips. It is up to us to reach out, to grab it. It must come from within.


To OFWs and Dependents: Learn Personal Finance and Invest

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OFWs and their dependents should also have the financial literacy seminars. Their hard earned money should also work harder for them. And please, not in scams. With the right financial education, our modern day heroes should not only work hard, but they should also work smart.

Pope-Inspired Juan Liners: Personal Finance Quotes

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“Luck is the offspring of Preparedness and Opportunity.” Successful people did not reach where they are not right now just in a wink of an eye, it was a process of good turns outnumbering the bad turns. Some will admit that they were blessed, that they got lucky, that they were at the right place at the right time. Looking closely though will reveal that they were able to grab the opportunities because they were prepared.

Juan Liners: The Walking Dead Cat Bounce, Odd Odds and Oil Megasale

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Filipinos still prefer betting on lotto even if the odds of winning is very very small. But the odds of winning and burning the ticket is much much way way smaller. This is what happened to a man who claims he won the PHP12M pot but unfortunately, his ticket got burned by a flat iron. Odd odds.

Juan Liners: Demographic Sweet Spot and Other Drivers (or Show-stoppers) of Philippine Economy

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The demographic sweet spot is said to be the time when our population has below 30% of aged less than or equal to 15 while those aged 65 or higher is less than 15%. Which means 55% of our population is aged 16 to 64 are economically productive and income-earning.