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flex fuel co-ownership

Ask Geri: OFW Seeks Advice on Flex Fuel Gasoline Station Co-ownership

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An OFW plans to be a co-owner Flex Fuel owned by Luis Manzano. Investment amount is P990K. Any advice? He’s been looking for other investment options.

cimb ing digital banks

CIMB and ING Digital Bank: High Interest Savings Accounts for Emergency Funds

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CIMB Bank and ING are attracting many depositors, especially the younger ones because they are new, non-traditional, easy account opening online and of course higher interest rates.

How to Buy & Trade US Stocks from the Philippines via App: eToro Features I Like

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For those looking to trade US stocks and international markets from the Philippines, those looking to join the action in Bitcoin, in Gold or Oil trading, consider eToro. Much more choices, participants, volume and movement.

The Outlook by Lamudi: Eager Property Seekers, Diligent Brokers, and Developers Raring for Change

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In this Lamudi outlook report, we prepare for the new normal in real estate transactions by taking a deep dive into the market behavior with the help of responses from property seekers, property developers, and real estate brokers and agents.

Lend Money to Ayalas? Ayala Land to Offer 2-year Bonds for 3.3% p.a.

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Tentative details on the Ayala Land 2020 Bonds: 3.30% to 3.60% p.a. (to be finalized by June 9, 2020), Renor: 2 years, Offer period: June 11 to 19.

What is Bitcoin Halving and How it Affects BTC Price?

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Halving means the reward for mining new bitcoins is reduced by half. Overall, the aim is to control supply, and with same demand or higher, prices can go up.

farmon projects 2020

FarmOn Updates on Covid-19 Impact: Investments and Withdrawals Status

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FarmOn sent an update to its investors on Covid19 impact to operations. Investments are still in place and will be honored but withdrawals will be stopped for now. We think FarmOn needs time and liquidity, and mass withdrawals will be more harmful to its recovery chances. Caveat.

aunicaj powerfill income update

Income Updates on Gasoline Station Co-Ownerships: PowerFill and Aunicaj (previously Marz Fuel)

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Both PowerFill and Aunicaj Fuel gas stations are already operational. One has shorter ROI (capital recovery) and better P/E ratio but the other has more potential upside due to increasing income and better overall margins.

online stocks trading

How to Transfer My Stocks from BPI Trade to COL Financial? To BDO Nomura? From One Broker to Another Without Selling and Buying?

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If I want to move to another online broker, how do I transfer my existing stock holdings to that broker? Do I sell all and buy using the new broker? Nope, there is a better way.

What is Trade Expectancy? How Can It Improve Stocks or Forex Trading?

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We can use trade expectancy to measure performance of our trading, and see whether we are improving or not over time. It is a simple calculation to show how much you’re expected to gain or lose, on average, for every trade you make.

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