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20 Rules Followed by Professional Traders – Alan Farley

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Rule 16 of Successful Profitable Professional Traders. Ditch the Paycheck Mentality Statistics indicate that most annual profits are booked on just a handful of trading days. 

High-Performing Business Sectors during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Several high performing business sectors stand out meaningfully at the end of 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic and with good prospects heading into this year 2021.

Personal Finance and Investments: Better, Brighter 2021 for All of Us

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I will no longer ask 2021 to “bring it on” given what 2020 brought us, instead I’d just say with humble, yet faithful confidence, that 2021 to be Better, Brighter for us and our families, and for our finances.

Factors Affecting Palladium Prices in the Australian Markets

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Precious metals trading and investment are favouring Palladium. It is a move away from the stereotypical investment in other metals. Factors affecting its prices are as the following.

The Outlook on the Residential Market: Property investment as a safe haven during a crisis

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Residential houses showed a strong performance as a safe haven investment as pageviews grew by 2% during the ECQ Foreclosed properties also showed resilience amid the pandemic.


How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe from Hackers

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Bitcoin’s price will reach $12,000 in the near future; it is already hovering around the $11,400. Keep it safe as more hackers will attempt to steal it due to higher value.

Q&A: Common Land Title Concerns on Pasalo, Notarization, and Collaterals

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Protect yourself in pasalo or assumed balance transactions by executing a Deed of Assignment so all the rights, title, and interest of the borrower are transferred to you. However, in some instances, this needs approval from the bank, developer, or creditor. 

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FarmOn To Show Covid-19 Updates via YouTube Live

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FarmOn will update us again on Covid-19 impact on investments and withdrawals and they sounded confident and optimistic. They sent an invitation to watch them on YouTube live tomorrow.

How to Invest in Progreso Bonds 2.625%: Buy RTB via Bonds PH App

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Progreso Bonds at 2.625% per annum. Buy RTBs via Bonds PH app or online. Offer period is July 16 to August 7. Maturity period is 5 years.

Real Estate Investment Trust: Earn Rental Income with Ayalas For Lower Capital

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Ayala Land’s REIT, with code “AREIT” will start offering this week. Chance to earn rental income with Ayalas. Dividend yield is expected to be 5.86%

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