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Colonize Mars: Play to Earn, ROI Estimate and Free Staking Income Calculator

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Here we showed actual game screens of play-to-earn Colonize Mars, and income calculator to estimate ROI in recently started staking.

Binance 101: Trade Crypto, Buy NFTs, Transfer Crypto to Wallets for Play to Earn

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All our crypto trading is now done via Binance. Here’s a video tutorial on common functionalities you need, plus a referral link so you get a sign-up bonus.

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and What is NBA TopShot?

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Discussed two new items on NFTs and NBA Topshot, both are gaining popularity right now, even among Filipinos.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Stock Market In 2021

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The most practical way is through fantasy stocks. It has helped me diversify my portfolio, dive deeper into the market, and make good gains.

Use Risk Reward Ratio to Improve Your Trades

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Are you using risk reward ratio (RRR) in your trades? If not yet, then you should, as it helps you improve your trade expectancy.

Personal Finance and Investments: Better, Brighter 2021 for All of Us

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I will no longer ask 2021 to “bring it on” given what 2020 brought us, instead I’d just say with humble, yet faithful confidence, that 2021 to be Better, Brighter for us and our families, and for our finances.


How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe from Hackers

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Bitcoin’s price will reach $12,000 in the near future; it is already hovering around the $11,400. Keep it safe as more hackers will attempt to steal it due to higher value.

How to Buy & Trade US Stocks from the Philippines via App: eToro Features I Like

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For those looking to trade US stocks and international markets from the Philippines, those looking to join the action in Bitcoin, in Gold or Oil trading, consider eToro. Much more choices, participants, volume and movement.

What is Bitcoin Halving and How it Affects BTC Price?

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Halving means the reward for mining new bitcoins is reduced by half. Overall, the aim is to control supply, and with same demand or higher, prices can go up.


Why you should invest in Bitcoin

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Many people play with the idea of investing in Bitcoin. They ask themselves questions like: “What does a Bitcoin cost? “Is a Bitcoin still worth it?” “Should one invest in Bitcoin or not? In fact, there are many good reasons why you should invest in Bitcoin. Of course, there is a lot of information out…
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