Life Insurance Excuses that Most Filipinos are Guilty About

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Filipinos typically ask help from their kin in times of trouble, but to move forward as a nation, people should learn to take responsibility for their decisions and their lives. Managing your finances wisely is the first step.


Ask Geri: Investment Options for a College Student

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Whatever course you are in right now, your skills, marketability and time are all investments. As such make sure to hone your skills and talents while still in college, such that when you graduate, you either become an sought-for asset to a company, or a young competent leader of your businesses.

Ask Geri: OFW Prepared for Death Expenses, Now How to Live?

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In a gist, VUL asks you to commit a monthly payment whether it is for the next 5, 7, 10 or 15 years. During this time, a portion goes to protection by guaranteeing an amount in case the owner dies, suffers disability or critical illness. Further a portion is invested in instruments that work like a Mutual Fund / UITF which grows exponentially over time. This fund is withdrawable for any use, such as eventual retirement, tuition fees, home purchase etc.

Ask Geri: Can You Send Me a Sample VUL Computation?

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Notice that DG’s quotes provide for higher death benefit for lower annual premium given that she is much younger than RCM. Also, the projected fund value by 65 y/o is much higher, in spite of lower premium (hence lower investment amount), since DG has more invested years before reaching 65 y/o, compared to RCM. This is simply time value of money and compounding at work.

Where to Put My Christmas Bonus? v2

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Fully or partially pre-term your loans. I know this sounds so killjoy but hey, delay of gratification is always gratifying. And think about this. Imagine the interest savings you can get by pre-terminating your loans. Or the freed up money that used to be spent on amortizations.

Should I Invest On My Own or Just Invest in Managed Funds?

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Current times may not be the best time to trade actively and most would rather watch on the sides as the market tries to figure out where it’s headed. Can’t help but reiterate though that this is the best time to learn. Learn on your own and learn from the experts.