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Cost Averaging Method. Easy Investment Plan. Simulation of Regular Investing.

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the timing effect in the investment is minimized since purchases are spread out. Supposedly, the time you buy (whether at a high or low) is no longer relevant since your average purchase price will tend to be lower than future values.

Developments with SMDC: Merger Talks Causes Breakout

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The market was definitely hyped with the news. What if just mere hype? See the sudden increased volume in February as a series of long green candles wrote SMDC’s recent story.

12 Stock Tips from Market Rider

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Market Rider hits the nail on its head: “Building true wealth is more a product of deliberate planning than by chance.” So true, not just for stocks but in all other wealth building endeavors.

Price Earning (P/E) Ratio and its Effect on PSE Drop

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The ratio tells you that you pay this much for a stock that earns this much. So for a PE ratio of 16, it tells us that market participants are willing to pay 16 times the expected earning of the share.

Quick Stocks AFS (Financials) Analysis From Peter Lynch

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Growth rate of earnings (net income) shows that the company and its value is growing. And if the company value is growing, that means the stock prices ought to grow too.

AGI (Alliance Global) Profits Jump: Personal Buy Rating

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Given its wide array of subsidiaries, AGI is one of my favorite stocks. Recently, AGI released their 1H11 financials and I would say that the AFS presented very strong first half results.

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