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How to Set Up Cut Loss/ Stop Loss and Buy on Breakout in AAA Equities?

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How to set up cut loss, trail stops, buy on breakout and sell at target price in AAA Equities ?How it can help you in trading? Why this is better than GTC orders?

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20 Rules Followed by Professional Traders – Alan Farley

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Rule 16 of Successful Profitable Professional Traders. Ditch the Paycheck Mentality Statistics indicate that most annual profits are booked on just a handful of trading days. 

How to Buy & Trade US Stocks from the Philippines via App: eToro Features I Like

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For those looking to trade US stocks and international markets from the Philippines, those looking to join the action in Bitcoin, in Gold or Oil trading, consider eToro. Much more choices, participants, volume and movement.

PI Banking Outlook pse mbt bdo pnb

PSE Financial and Banking Sector Outlook

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  Sharing and reblogging below FREE report from PinoyInvestor. Below is a broker analysis and recommendation from their partner, AP Securities, on the banking sector, as of end of May2018. Caveat emptor. These are not my recommendations, but theirs, but personally, worth taking a look, hence I’m sharing them here, especially with the run the…
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Notes from Investagram’s Traders’ Summit 2017

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Missed the Trader’s Summit but serious on becoming a stocks trader or investor? Well here are my notes on the event. Sharing with you my key takeaways on the trading inspirations, some technical know-hows and trading psychology.

When to Sell Your Stocks? (Part 2)

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Check this “Loss Recovery Matrix.” The bigger your loss goes, the much bigger it needs to recover, percentage-wise. A 50% loss needs 100% recovery just to break-even.

When to Sell Your Stocks? (Part 1)

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Sell when happy. Nothing wrong with taking profits. Understand the human psyche that fear of missing out (FOMO) is usually stronger than our fear of loss and there are times this can work against us.

Struggles of Shifting to Technical Analysis: Work in Progress

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For newbies, don’t get me wrong. Stocks investments and trading need not be complicated, but if you are already comfortable with the easy stuff, you will feel that somehow you can take on the more complicated styles.

TEL Me Where It Hurts – When Buy and Hold Hurts Your Investments

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What happened to TEL shows how Buy and Hold (Forever) can hurt Juan’s investments. Those who bought TEL in 2006, hoping to gain much from it, will be depressed to see that after 10 years, there wasn’t any capital appreciation. Wasted time. Wasted paper gains all those years. I hope not a lot of people did that. Though again, a small compensation is the dividends so in that sense, it is still a lot better off than time deposits (even if invested capital did not appreciate).

Ask Geri: What is Your Strategy and What Tools Do You Use in the Stock Market?

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I keep my indicators and my system simple because for me, the trick is to use what I understand and what works for me, rather than use too many tools and be stricken by analysis paralysis.

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