Good Read: Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

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Recommend this book to those who want to know themselves more, learn more about personal finance and those who want to know certain discreet yet recurring human tendencies that hinder us from pursuing financial freedom.


Inflation: Passive Expense and How Much Just To Keep Up?

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Juan’s PHP1,000 in 2006 should be PHP1,395 in 2014 just to get by, keep up with inflation and retain the same purchasing power for the same level of expenses. With rising needs and standards of living (hence more expenses) and more mouths to feed, keeping up with inflation is not enough. A 40% return in 8 years is then, not enough. Now do your own math.

Get a Home Loan Soon(er); Loan-to-Value (LTV) and Interest Considerations

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BSP is planning to lower and tighten the LTV cap to 60%, which means future borrowers will have to shell out higher DP at 40%. This effectively makes the target market for home loans smaller since not everyone can easily afford a 40% DP.

Juan Liners: Demographic Sweet Spot and Other Drivers (or Show-stoppers) of Philippine Economy

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The demographic sweet spot is said to be the time when our population has below 30% of aged less than or equal to 15 while those aged 65 or higher is less than 15%. Which means 55% of our population is aged 16 to 64 are economically productive and income-earning.