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Investing in Farmland with CLOA Title

Open Thank You Letter to Faceless Nameless Generous People

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They are just some of the nameless faceless people who were there for us, who kept us afloat in the lowest moments of my life, of my family’s life. They have forever touched our lives.

5 Fundamental Business Tips for Stress-free Tax Compliance

Open Letter to Hardworking Parents: Apply for Scholarships

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Do not hesitate to apply for scholarships in prestigious schools, such as UP, Ateneo, DLSU, UST, or any reputable school for that matter. Especially if you think your kid has a big potential, but your wallet and pocket has a smaller capacity at the moment.

Pope-Inspired Juan Liners: Personal Finance Quotes

I Am Destined For Something Greater

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I say to my self that it can’t be just this, there must be a greater purpose why I’m getting these good breaks, these big blessings. I pray that I figure out soon. I just hope that I live up to that greater destiny. To that Greater Purpose.

Mt.Tarak, Bataan: Songs and Reflections Post-Climb

Ibahagi ang Ngiti ng Langit

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At sana sa tuluyang paglabas, sa mga susunod pang hakbang, makayanan na ring ngumiti sa iba. At sana sa tuluyang paglabas, sa mga susunod pang hakbang, ay makapagdulot din ng ngiti sa iba.

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