Starting 5: Money & Business Insights from the GS Warriors

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In life we don’t have salary caps: you getting wealthy doesn’t mean someone is getting poorer. That’s a wrong mindset. In fact, all of us can become wealthy together, as long as we know how to create value.


12 Money Lessons From Sim City BuildIt

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Residents may clamor for specializations such as education, transport or entertainment but they may remain 100% happy without these (as long as the basic services are provided). Whereas congested roads and lack of parks, police, firefighters and hospitals, if not addressed ASAP, will result to abandoned buildings, plunging population and city tax revenues. Same with your finances. Check which ones are necessary and urgent. The rest can wait as these are just good-to-haves.

Inflation: Passive Expense and How Much Just To Keep Up?

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Juan’s PHP1,000 in 2006 should be PHP1,395 in 2014 just to get by, keep up with inflation and retain the same purchasing power for the same level of expenses. With rising needs and standards of living (hence more expenses) and more mouths to feed, keeping up with inflation is not enough. A 40% return in 8 years is then, not enough. Now do your own math.