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Lessons from Investagrams InspirePH 2018 (Part 2)

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Investagram’s #InspirePH2018 that was held last April 28 at SMX MOA featured 2 parts, the morning session was mostly on stocks trading (click here for Part 1) while the afternoon sessions focused on a more diverse topic such as cryptocurrencies, Cropital, start-up businesses and venture capitalists. I personally found the discussion on crypto very informative, while the…
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FarmOn Opens 17th Cycle and Other Inspiring Start-Up Stories

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It’s never too late to start. Hopefully, 2018 is the year for us to try new things, try out and execute that business idea. May 2018 inspire us enough to pursue our passions and dreams that we’ve been setting aside due to lack of finances, time or courage.

2018 Investment Strategies (and FarmOn Hot Pepper Harvest)

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As it is, I feel like I have exposures in a diverse mix of investments, and make no mistake, I will still explore new investment vehicles in 2018 to further diversify. But for 2018, I will put a slightly higher budget and focus in building the existing ones, in increasing the exposure in my existing, tried and tested investments.

FarmOn 14th Cycle Harvest – Pekin Duck and Fishpond

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For the 14th cycle, we tried pekin duck and fish pond, with timelines of 4-5 months and 6 months respectively. Estimate gross ROI of 50%-100% and 40% to 60%, again respectively.

FarmOn 13th Cycle Green Chili Harvest; Invest Your Christmas Bonus in 4.625% RTBs

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Caveat emptor. This is not a solicitation for you to invest blindly, but rather to give you investment options to consider and further study. From our part, we only invested a small amount, an amount we can afford to lose just for diversification’s sake.

FarmOn Opens 16th Cycle; PSEi Reaches All Time High – How’s Your Money?

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FarmOn has reached its 16th cycle and many investors were able to achieve double digit ROI in less than a year. PSEi YTD ROI is at 19%. How about you, how are your investments? Is your money growing?

FarmOn Announces 15th Cycle Opening

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Existing investors (or those who invested in the 14th cycle or earlier) will get to register and choose farms first – by August 7. Meanwhile new member registration and selection of farms to finance will commence by August 21.

Good News: ALI Bonds, FarmOn 14th Cycle, Basic Savings Accounts

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FarmOn opened it’s 14th cycle yesterday. Ayala Land is offering bonds at 5.26% p.a. until April 21!

ROI Guide from FarmOn and PhilCrowd

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Since we published 2017 Investment Options to Consider, we’ve been getting many and various inquiries especially on FarmOn and PhilCrowd. So here’s a few more updates.

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