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How to Convert Add On Rate to Effective Rate in Loans: Plus Usual Bank Loan Rates in Philippines

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Learn the basics about EY and AOR, the key differences in loan offers and promotions. Download free calculator to convert EY into AOR, and vice versa. Also, the usual bank loan interest rates in the Philippines.

Everything you Need to Know About SMS Loans

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Need cash fast? Apply for SMS loans. With an automated application process, the funds get disbursed within one or two business days. Know the procedure and benefits of getting an SMS loan.

Credit Card Compromised: How I Spotted a Fraudulent Online Transaction

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We recently published “How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud in New Normal”, and now this. Last week, I noticed a P999 transaction which turned out to be fraudulent.

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How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud in the New Normal

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Credit card fraud never goes out of style. Now that we’re approaching the -Ber months, expect credit card fraud cases to increase. Here are some tips to keep your credit card information safe in the new normal.

Loans and Card Payables After the ECQ: How Much Will I Pay? What Are My Payment Options?

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The final official answers on how much and when to pay loans and cards payable after the ECQ will come from your lending bank or card issuer, but we can offer you some general guidelines based on the Bayanihan Heal as One Act which the lenders are required to follow.

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Top Pros & Cons of Using Credit Cards on the Internet

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Using a credit card online has more pros than cons. As a matter of fact, the future will see even more people going for this option.

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How G-Cash and PayMaya Can Help You Manage Your Money Better

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The advantage of GCash and PayMaya mobile wallets: they enable you to send and receive money faster, easier. This allows you to manage your money better.

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How to Finance Your New Business

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If you have always wanted to work for yourself, now is the time to pursue your new business venture. You deserve to do something you are passionate about, make good money, and be your own boss.  As exciting as all that sounds, it can be difficult to obtain the funds you need to get started.…
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Ask Geri: Bakit Lumaki Yung Bayad ko sa Home Loan Dahil sa Repricing? Aakyat pa ba ang Interest Rate ng mga Home Loan?

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Hi Geri, Katatapos lang ng repricing ng home loan namin. 1-year repricing kasi kinuha namin last year. Pero tumaaas ng higit P1,000 yung buwanang hulog namin ngayon. Bakit ganun? 🙁 -MTR *** Hi Geri, Malapit na kami mag-avail ng bank financing para sa condo namin na for turn-over na. Para saan yung repricing? At ano…
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Three Ways to Earn Travel Points without Spending Much and Fast

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Just because you don’t have enough frequent flyers points, doesn’t mean you can’t travel!

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