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Steps to Prepare to Buy a House

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Don’t forget to put these steps into place to best prepare yourself for purchasing your next home.

How Much Interest Are You Paying? Hidden Truths Behind Loans and Cost of Borrowing

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Majority were shocked and surprised, about the interest amounts I showed, while one was even angry, telling me I am exaggerating the numbers.

How to Convert Add On Rate to Effective Rate in Loans: Plus Usual Bank Loan Rates in Philippines

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Learn the basics about EY and AOR, the key differences in loan offers and promotions. Download free calculator to convert EY into AOR, and vice versa. Also, the usual bank loan interest rates in the Philippines.

Everything you Need to Know About SMS Loans

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Need cash fast? Apply for SMS loans. With an automated application process, the funds get disbursed within one or two business days. Know the procedure and benefits of getting an SMS loan.

Condo: To Rent or To Buy?

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Some have a dilemma of whether to buy a condo or rent one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of buying and renting.

Personal Finance and Investments: Better, Brighter 2021 for All of Us

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I will no longer ask 2021 to “bring it on” given what 2020 brought us, instead I’d just say with humble, yet faithful confidence, that 2021 to be Better, Brighter for us and our families, and for our finances.

3 Ways to Secure Your Capital for Your Startup Business

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As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may be looking for different ways to secure cash capital for your startup business.

The Outlook on the Residential Market: Property investment as a safe haven during a crisis

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Residential houses showed a strong performance as a safe haven investment as pageviews grew by 2% during the ECQ Foreclosed properties also showed resilience amid the pandemic.

Q&A: Common Land Title Concerns on Pasalo, Notarization, and Collaterals

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Protect yourself in pasalo or assumed balance transactions by executing a Deed of Assignment so all the rights, title, and interest of the borrower are transferred to you. However, in some instances, this needs approval from the bank, developer, or creditor. 

Credit Card Compromised: How I Spotted a Fraudulent Online Transaction

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We recently published “How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud in New Normal”, and now this. Last week, I noticed a P999 transaction which turned out to be fraudulent.

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