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10 Other Business Risks You Must Know

Four-Day Workweek in Philippines

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As an employee, the thought of a 4-day workweek is very appealing. I’m almost sure that I will like it. Especially for employees who spend more than 8 hours per workday anyway (and without much OT pay), why not just require 10 hours of work, 4 days a week.

Welcoming Betrayal and Saving Us By Not Saving Himself

PNoy Declares Two New Long Weekends; For Holiday Economics?

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It’s not as simple as choosing a day to be a holiday because just an additional day without work has lots of implications to other people, businesses and groups. To the economy as a whole.

The Beach Less Travelled: Calayan Islands, Cagayan

Long Weekend and Holiday Economics

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These are just a few of the effects of holidays to our economy, whether micro or macro. As to how the effects are computed and quantified, I leave it to our qualified government officials and economists to check.

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