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Long Weekend and Holiday Economics

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These are just a few of the effects of holidays to our economy, whether micro or macro. As to how the effects are computed and quantified, I leave it to our qualified government officials and economists to check.

My Realistic Ideal Day: Financial Freedom

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No more 8am-5pm job for me. No more joining the rat race to and from Makati or BGC or Ortigas day and night. No more managing up to my superiors, no more waiting for recognition or the next payday or the next salary increase or promotion. I’m my own boss (after God and my wife of course).

SM Montalban: Montalban Development Plan

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SM City Rodriguez: Naks I already have the name. Please SM, build a mall in Montalban. They say all the lands touched by Henry Sy via SM appreciated in value so please do consider building one in Montalban

Business vs Employment

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Companies and businesses get spend their income first via expenses, before they are taxed (income tax). Employees meanwhile pay their income tax first, before they get to spend what’s left of it

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