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Why your Business Needs Brand Ambassadors

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Start a collaboration with a brand ambassador and social media influencer. Their job is to represent and promote your business in the best possible light.

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FarmOn: Recovery Effort, Withdrawal Update and Properties for Sale

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FarmOn sent a status update and report on their recovery efforts, withdrawal updates as well as properties for sale.

Mister Donut 100K Trial Franchise and KFC Entry-level Franchising

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Food businesses are adjusting their business models. Mister Donut offers 100k franchising while KFC offers innovative hassle free franchising for 19-million.

Crisis or not: Cash Management Services help business thrive during pandemic

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Cash Management Services involves managing the flow of funds in an organization or business. Every business has collection and payment needs which if not managed, may cause funds to be misplaced, lost, or untracked.

High-Performing Business Sectors during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Several high performing business sectors stand out meaningfully at the end of 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic and with good prospects heading into this year 2021.

Personal Finance and Investments: Better, Brighter 2021 for All of Us

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I will no longer ask 2021 to “bring it on” given what 2020 brought us, instead I’d just say with humble, yet faithful confidence, that 2021 to be Better, Brighter for us and our families, and for our finances.

3 Ways to Secure Your Capital for Your Startup Business

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As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may be looking for different ways to secure cash capital for your startup business.

Guide for the American Expat to Start a Business in the Philippines

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Starting a successful business in the Philippines begins with a good business idea — determine that their products or services are well-positioned in terms of pricing, features and other factors.

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Ask Geri: OFW Seeks Advice on Flex Fuel Gasoline Station Co-ownership

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An OFW plans to be a co-owner Flex Fuel owned by Luis Manzano. Investment amount is P990K. Any advice? He’s been looking for other investment options.

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FarmOn Updates on Covid-19 Impact: Investments and Withdrawals Status

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FarmOn sent an update to its investors on Covid19 impact to operations. Investments are still in place and will be honored but withdrawals will be stopped for now. We think FarmOn needs time and liquidity, and mass withdrawals will be more harmful to its recovery chances. Caveat.

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