Build Your Finances Despite Being a Breadwinner

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What can breadwinners do in order to save money and get your financial situation in good shape?


To OFWs and Dependents: Learn Personal Finance and Invest

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OFWs and their dependents should also have the financial literacy seminars. Their hard earned money should also work harder for them. And please, not in scams. With the right financial education, our modern day heroes should not only work hard, but they should also work smart.

Filipinos Prefer Lotto and Horserace vs Stocks: Lack Education and Patience?

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If you’ve been betting on Lotto (or jockeys and horses) for years and years now and still it has not made you rich, then quit hoping that next time you will be the one who wins. On the other hand, if you have been investing in stocks for years and years now, I’m sure 100% that your ROI is at least positive, double digits even.

Breadwinners: Get Supplementary Card for Parents and Dependents

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A supplementary card can provide ready credit in times of unplanned expense or emergency need at home. This well substitutes cash that you leave at home from time to time, and this also saves you the time and effort of going to a bank branch or remittance center just to provide additional urgent cash for your dependents.