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How to Convert Add On Rate to Effective Rate in Loans: Plus Usual Bank Loan Rates in Philippines

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Learn the basics about EY and AOR, the key differences in loan offers and promotions. Download free calculator to convert EY into AOR, and vice versa. Also, the usual bank loan interest rates in the Philippines.

Loans and Card Payables After the ECQ: How Much Will I Pay? What Are My Payment Options?

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The final official answers on how much and when to pay loans and cards payable after the ECQ will come from your lending bank or card issuer, but we can offer you some general guidelines based on the Bayanihan Heal as One Act which the lenders are required to follow.

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Ask Geri: Bakit Lumaki Yung Bayad ko sa Home Loan Dahil sa Repricing? Aakyat pa ba ang Interest Rate ng mga Home Loan?

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Hi Geri, Katatapos lang ng repricing ng home loan namin. 1-year repricing kasi kinuha namin last year. Pero tumaaas ng higit P1,000 yung buwanang hulog namin ngayon. Bakit ganun? 🙁 -MTR *** Hi Geri, Malapit na kami mag-avail ng bank financing para sa condo namin na for turn-over na. Para saan yung repricing? At ano…
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Ask Geri: True Cost of Borrowing (Part 2): Diminishing Balance Amortization

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Not all loan providers offer this option. But from time to time I encounter this option especially for mortgage / home loans. If Juan is presented such an option and s/he can afford the amortization using diminishing balance, s/he should go for it to save some more on interest payments.

The True Cost of Borrowing We Don’t Care Much About

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Juan doesn’t pay much attention to the cost of borrowing. He cares more on the monthly amortization (short-term thinking) rather than the total costs involved (longer-term thinking) And that costs Juan much. Ouch.

Business Idea to Explore: UBER

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With more and more ride-sharing apps sprouting everywhere, the taxi business is getting more and more competition but it is not evolving in step with technology so to speak.

Loan Solutions to Help Keep Your Business Afloat During Rough Times

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Not all businesses can operate with good cash flow at all times. In fact every business would experience some problems with their cash flow at some point in time. Although it can get quite challenging, cash flow problems are part and parcel of every business. Business owners just need to make sure that they find solutions to bring in cash to continue the operations.

Meet Viya and Why Owning a Car Is (Not) An Expense

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Viya is lodged as an asset and a liability in my personal SALN. The asset side, which is the car value, I depreciate regularly (I read somewhere that normally, cars depreciate 20% in price by year 1, 10% for years 2 to 6 and 5% for years 7 to 10. Which leaves you 10% salvage value by year 10).

Measure Your Fuel Efficiency: Full Tank to Full Tank Method

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Whether you’re just nerdy, a fan of constant improvement (kaizen) or just plain cost- and emissions-conscious (all of the above for me), it is important to be able to measure your car and your driving style’s fuel efficiency.

Ask Geri: Why Do Banks Sell Repossessed Property & Vehicle At Lower Price?

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Banks do not lend 100% of the appraised value of the collateral, they usually put a cap to it, like 70% or 80%. This cap is the LTV ratio requirement. So if one is borrowing money to purchase a PHP1M car, the bank will just lend PHP800k or 80% of the value.

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