Ask Geri: Where Should A Retiree Invest?

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Be like JV’s father and prepare for your eventual retirement. We all deserve a richer life, and we all have the means to provide ourselves with that. Don’t just work hard, but be sure to work smart.


Ask Geri: Anong stock tataas bukas? How to be you este buy po?

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Again and again, we urge people who want to be serious about stocks trading to study, study, study. Come up with your own personal trading plan, come up with your own style, your own screener, your own buy and sell rules. This is not being selfish, this is about being responsible and mature. There is a proper venue to learn, to be taught (in seminars, webinars, etc). There is a time to research and read up on your own. There are better ways to spend your time rather than posting questions in groups and reading the varied reactions (either helpful or hateful).

Ask Geri: True Cost of Borrowing (Part 2): Diminishing Balance Amortization

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Not all loan providers offer this option. But from time to time I encounter this option especially for mortgage / home loans. If Juan is presented such an option and s/he can afford the amortization using diminishing balance, s/he should go for it to save some more on interest payments.