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Welcome to Investment Juan-01 and congratulations on your passion to pursue financial freedom!

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We have prepared below a syllabus / crash course so you, as a beginner, will have an easier time locating which topics to read first, before diving into deeper discussions on various investments, business and personal finance articles.

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10 PROVEN STEPS to a RICHER LIFE (#10Steps): Your one-stop e-book to comprehensive personal finance. Find out why WISER PINOY = RICHER PINOY. Ensure that your hard work will lead you a to a financially stable life.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Investing is not about the money, money, money….

SELF-ASSESSMENT: Newbie? Here are our prescribed investment options.

TRACK YOUR FINANCIAL PROGRESS: Highly recommended. What you don’t measure, you can’t manage.

SAVE YOUR SELF, SAVE: As they say, it’s not how much you earn, but how much you save. Build your emergency fund before you invest.

PROTECT YOUR SELF: Ensure that your best asset (YOU) is protected via life and health insurance

HIGH YIELD DEPOSITS / BONDS: Let time be your ally while still beating inflation.

MANAGED FUNDS: Let the experts invest for you via UITFs and Mutual Funds

HIGHER STAKES: Own Philippine companies (blue-chip or second liners) via equities.

TRADING STYLE: Manage your personal stocks portfolio by trading online.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Upgrade yourself from employee to entrepreneur.

PASSIVE INCOME: Build steady streams of income on the side, make your money work hard for you.

LEVERAGE ON CREDIT: Use loans and credit to your advantage.

MONEY MANAGEMENT MODULES (#3M): Download our must-have money modules. Comes with more than 30 questionnaires, templates, calculators, trackers, etc.

newbie guide

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