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Author: Guest Writer For your Kids’ Homework Help

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Brainly, the creator of, a website designed to allow students to help each other with schoolwork, announced that it has raised $9 million in a funding round led by General Catalyst Partners. Previous and new investors, including Point Nine Capital, Learn Capital, and Runa Capital, also participated in the round.

Top 3 Credit Card Alternatives for Filipino Entrepreneurs

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Choose any of these top 3 credit card alternatives for shopping online, and you won’t have to worry about presenting proof of stable income to apply for credit cards. The advantage with having these alternatives for credit cards is that you don’t need to have a maintaining balance, plus you can buy products and services online without any hassle.

#SupSUp: Batangas’ Best Kapeng Barako

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Follow us on our Facebook page, Batangas’ Best Kapeng Barako to know more about our product, and to be updated as well of our new offers or brews. You may also shoot us an email at for orders!

Open Thank You Letter to Faceless Nameless Generous People

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They are just some of the nameless faceless people who were there for us, who kept us afloat in the lowest moments of my life, of my family’s life. They have forever touched our lives.

Social Networks vs Important Connections in Life

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I guess it also comes with age. I was a fresh graduate back then when I realized I don’t have significant connections. Most people I knew where teachers and students and employees in school’s back offices. Maybe these connections will come in handy once I transact with schools again (for my future kids).

Thoughts on Working From Home

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I may be biased, but so far, I think working from home works for me and the disadvantages can easily be addressed. I’m just fortunate to be given the chance to work from home.

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