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What to Expect from a ForEx Seminar

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Since you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming many of you have already attended financial seminars before. The most popular seminars are usually those that deal with general investing, real estate, insurance and stocks, with the latter three being some of the most popular types of investments locally. But since I am involved in the forex industry, I’d like to give a different perspective for readers who are considering FOREX as an investment.

U-HOP: Philippines’ first app-based shuttle service

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Experts have said it over and over again, the only solution to this behemoth of a traffic problem is mass transport. But while we wait for the infrastructures and facilities for that, we offer an alternative. An app-based mass transport system we call U-HOP.

7 Factors that Affect Real Estate’s Longevity

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The appreciation of property value is a benefit that investors like to see. However, it is vital for you, the loan holder, that the property doesn’t depreciate below the value of your loan. Banks and loan providers err on the side of caution when providing a home loan.

5 Fundamental Business Tips for Stress-free Tax Compliance

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If you’re an owner of a small business in the Philippines, here are a few pointers to remember to make taxation tasks easier to complete.

Ways to Hold Property Title of Newly Purchased Home

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Buying the property will require different modes of holding the title deeds of the property in question. There are three main modes of holding the title deeds that refer to the buying options – the sole ownership and tenancy in common (TIC) or the joint tenancy with right of survivorship (JTWROS).

How You Should Spend Your Loan… And How You Should Not

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If you have taken out a home or car loan, the chances are that the down payment has wiped out your savings. Using any of the funds left over from your loan to replenish your savings fund is a good way to leave yourself a buffer for future financial constraints.

Doing Loans the Right Way

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Loans in the Philippines are subjected to consultation. With any contractual agreement where concerning the essential negotiation is necessary, there is the question about the amount of the monetary aspect. It makes business available to the end and asks a return of funds. With cash loans, an interest rate is generally agreed wherein the borrower must pay the loan for the period of one year.

The 3 Different Types of Pinoy Savers

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The risky saver believes in one thing: money should work for you. They dislike being called as mere savers and prefer the word investor instead.

5 Ideal Investments for Fresh Graduates

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Over the years, I slowly learned what it meant to “invest in myself.” There were many times in my life where I told myself, “Wow, I wish I knew about this when I graduated!” I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes, but that didn’t stop me from looking for solutions to my problems. Gradually, I learned what my grandparents meant by “investing in myself.”

The Future of Real Estate in the Philippines

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The recent study by a global property portal, Lamudi, has shown that 92% of the local brokers described their outlook of the Philippines property market over the next 12 months as very positive.

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