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How a 21-year-old quit his job to start one of the top real estate businesses in his province

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How can we overcome our fears and have the courage to start our own businesses? Better yet, how did successful entrepreneurs overcome their fears to start their own businesses?

Build Your Finances Despite Being a Breadwinner

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What can breadwinners do in order to save money and get your financial situation in good shape?

5 Ways Pinoys Fix Unexpected Money Problems

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To avoid falling into frequent unexpected money problems or cash shortages, Pinoys need to get better at managing their money. This calls for a change in mindset, which is another topic to discuss altogether.

How Can Blogging Help You Get Out of Debt?

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Most people think that blogging is just something you do as a hobby, or just to chronicle what goes on in your personal life. What they fail to realize is that blogging can be a source of income and can even help you get out of debt!

Understanding the Motivated Millennial Generation

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Millennials—also known as “Generation Y” —are all too often labeled as the “instant” generation: the age group to which all things come easy, and who hardly lift a finger yet expect no less than great rewards.

Dumjobs Unveils Local Search Engine for Jobs in Dumaguete

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Dumjobs is the new job search engine for people who are local to Dumaguete City and the Negros Oriental. Those who find themselves looking for work in these locations will discover that Dumjobs is the best way to find that job they are looking for.

Simple Habits that Can Save You Money

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By tracking your expenses, nothing gets past you. You’ll be able to see where each and every piso is going. This way, you’ll know whether or not you’re going overbudget. Expense Manger, Mint, and You Need a Budget (YNAB) are just some of multiple expense tracking apps available on both iOS and Android.

4 Ways Customized Accounting System Can Make Your Life Easier

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Having a customized accounting system can save your company not just money, but time and resources as well. Apart from reduced overheads in human resources, it can also increase productivity and ensure financial reports are submitted on time.

5 Ways to Cook Up These Secret Ingredients to Financial Success

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Taking more vegetables will improve your health, likewise, getting more assets and investments will increase your financial health. To understand it better, we’ve listed down 5 tried-and-true methods to get these secret ingredients cooking.

To Do List for Start-Up Businesses: Step by Step Guide

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Many are put off by the bureaucratic and legal hurdles of registering a new business entity. Let’s face it, starting a business in the Philippines is no walk in the park. It often requires countless hours spent filling out paperwork and having to deal with a few unhelpful employees in some cases. But, while the process can be tedious and sometimes complex, it’s not impossible, especially with a lot of patience.

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