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Who The Hell is Geri?

(As of Sep2016)

Millennial, husband, used-to-be-breadwinner, God-made multi-millionaire, employee, banker, former financial planner and adviser, investor, stocks trader, entrepreneur, blogger. Firm believer that all Pinoys deserve a richer life. Not a guru, but a forever student of the investments world, a work-in-progress.

We don’t solicit investments, we don’t accept your money so we can invest it. Instead, we teach investments, for FREE! We teach how YOU can grow it yourself.

Talkative guy sharing and writing about my savings, investments- and business-adventures (among others). For real estate queries, please note that I am neither a lawyer nor a real estate broker. Just sharing whatever knowledge and experience I have.

For context, please always check the author and the date of the article. I try my best to update the articles I wrote (some are written by guest contributors) but given the sheer volume of the articles we’ve published over time, some will really be outdated and are no longer accurate. Still it gives you a picture of what used to be, back then.

Faith and great Blue education through scholarships, a blessed banking career and prudent investing improved my family’s finances a hundred-fold. And it doesn’t stop there. The calling now is to build on this and to be financially free though personal finance, businesses and more investments.

Thus, I want the millions of financially-challenged but hardworking and faithful Filipinos to also have a shot at financial freedom. Lez do this!

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Invest Money PH Timelines

  • Apr 2019: Launched YouTube channel
  • Apr 2019: Transitioned to an additional domain Invest Money PH ( but Investment Juan-01 will remain active
  • July 2018: Transitioned to an additional domain Rich Money Hacks, but Investment Juan01 will remain active
  • May 2018: Moved to self-hosted platform as Investment Juan01
  • Dec 2016: Moved to platform, still as Investment Juan01
  • Jun 2016: Actively pursued Email Subscriptions
  • Jan 2016: Launched Instagram Account
  • Oct 2013: Launched Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts
  • Sep 2013: Rebranded as Investment Juan-01, still in Blogger
  • Jul 2011: Started blogging, using Blogger platform, as
Invest Money PH

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