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As of Sep2016

Millenial, husband, used-to-be-breadwinner, God-made multi-millionaire, employee, financial planner and adviser, investor, stocks trader, entrepreneur, blogger.Firm believer that all Pinoys deserve a richer life. Not a guru, but a forever student of the investments world, a work-in-progress.

Talkative guy sharing and writing about my investments adventures (among others). For real estate queries, please note that I am neither a lawyer nor a real estate broker. Just sharing whatever knowledge and experience I have.

Faith and great Blue education through scholarships, a blessed banking career and prudent investing improved my family’s finances a hundred-fold. And it doesn’t stop there. The calling now is to build on this and to be financially free though personal finance, businesses and more investments.
Thus, I want the millions of financially-challenged but hardworking and faithful Filipinos to also have a shot at financial freedom.


As of Feb2016:

Got married. More active now on social media to engage more Pinoys especially the younger generations. Exploring more investment options and styles. Still, your Pinoy guide to a richer life.

Talkative guy sharing my investment adventures and the little I know about them.

Breadwinner, God-made millionaire, employee, blogger, stocks trader, entrepreneur, investor, husband. Faith, good education thru scholarships and a stable job improved our family’s finances. But it doesn’t stop there. The challenge now is to build on this and to be financially free through personal finance and investments.

And I want the millions of financially-challenged but hardworking and faithful Filipinos to also have a shot at it.

This site is one of the fruits of my God-given passion and advocacy, of my mission to see Pinoys with richer life. This site shares my ongoing financial journey (ups and downs, victories and mistakes), with the hope that we can learn a thing or two from each other, for a better country someday.


As of 2012:

Self-made multi-millionaire at age of 26, thanks to God, my employers, investments and rackets. Yeah late bloomer you know. The fight towards financial freedom continues.

Still sharing my financial journey and thoughts to anyone who bothers to read. Still dreaming of more financially literate Filipinos.

As of 2011:

Thank you for your interest in my blog, and in me as well.

I’m in my mid-20s, has a girlfriend (yes I’m a guy), but is still far from getting married. A college graduate. A financial scholar from high school to college in the Philippines’ best blue school. OBF! A breadwinner.

I can probably call myself a young professional, who joins the daily rat race to the business districts. I’ve been employed since graduation and I can honestly say that career progression has been good to me, when compared to the greater majority.

That does not stop me though from pursuing businesses, investments and the like. Ultimately, my goal is to be financially free, not just for my biological family, but for my future family as well. I firmly believe that being self-employed and being an investor are the keys to financial freedom — gone are the days when long-term employment and loyalty are gainfully rewarded.

And so far, I’m still on the look out for that elusive financial freedom. I have some business attempts ongoing on the side, as well as some investments. But majority of my cash flows still come from my employer.

I like to write and express my thoughts and opinions. I’m also fond of teaching and sharing what I know, to be of guidance and reference to those who need it. I like to immerse my self in various fields hence the various fields covered in this blog. Supposedly, I write to write, but of course a writer would also want to have audiences, readers. So sometimes, I also write in an attempt to be seen, to be read (aka SEO).

For every Pinoy’s richer life!
PS. Pardon me if I choose to remain anonymous and write by the name ‘Geri’
I’m just a bit wary of identity theft and prefer to maintain my anonymity and protect my privacy because in my workplace, information security is a serious risk item. And obviously, I subscribe to that even outside work.
Nonetheless, that does not mean I cannot share with you bits and pieces of information about my self, as I have done above. As you read through my posts, you’ll surely get to know me more, and see the context of where I’m coming from.
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