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Who The Hell is Geri?

As of Sep2016

Millennial, husband, used-to-be-breadwinner, God-made multi-millionaire, employee, financial planner and adviser, investor, stocks trader, entrepreneur, blogger. Firm believer that all Pinoys deserve a richer life. Not a guru, but a forever student of the investments world, a work-in-progress.

Talkative guy sharing and writing about my investments adventures (among others). For real estate queries, please note that I am neither a lawyer nor a real estate broker. Just sharing whatever knowledge and experience I have.

Faith and great Blue education through scholarships, a blessed banking career and prudent investing improved my family’s finances a hundred-fold. And it doesn’t stop there. The calling now is to build on this and to be financially free though personal finance, businesses and more investments.
Thus, I want the millions of financially-challenged but hardworking and faithful Filipinos to also have a shot at financial freedom.


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Invest Money PH Timelines

  • Apr 2019: Launched YouTube channel
  • Apr 2019: Transitioned to an additional domain Invest Money PH ( but Investment Juan-01 will remain active
  • July 2018: Transitioned to an additional domain Rich Money Hacks, but Investment Juan01 will remain active
  • May 2018: Moved to self-hosted platform as Investment Juan01
  • Dec 2016: Moved to platform, still as Investment Juan01
  • Jun 2016: Actively pursued Email Subscriptions
  • Jan 2016: Launched Instagram Account
  • Oct 2013: Launched Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts
  • Sep 2013: Rebranded as Investment Juan-01, still in Blogger
  • Jul 2011: Started blogging, using Blogger platform, as
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