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Wanaka Farm Play to Earn NFT Tutorial – Relaxed Farming, Gaming and Earning

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Here we go again. End of October was big for us, aside from celebrating my birthday, two much awaited play to earn NFT games started. In a previous post, I shared about Colonize Mars. This time, I created a new video in our YouTube channel, discussing Wanaka Farm.

Farming is close to our hearts, and if you’ve been following this blog ever since, we published posts about piggeries and paiwi ng baka.

We also supported and invested in Farmon, back when it was very profitable and beneficial to farmers, and before it encountered cashflow problems due to the pandemic.

Farming Games

Now, from hard core farming, farming games based on NFT have proliferated. Personally, we have exposures in Farming Tales (FT), Farmer’s World (FW) and more recently, here in Wanaka Farm. But definitely, we still want to invest in real life farms when capital is available.

But for now, we try to build this capital, aside from investments discussed in this blog, but also through the NFT and crypto realm. So far, Wanaka Farm seems to require less effort and time compared to FT and FW, which both require your attention every hour if you want to maximize profits. But of course, if you put more effort into it, it can increase your farm’s yields, therefore your income. Read more here in their Wanaka Farm Wikipedia. Also, let’s give it time, since Wanaka just started.

In this video, I showed the tutorial on what you need to start playing Wanaka Farm, and start earning WAI tokens (~2.21 PHP each as of this writing).

Let me know if you have questions!


 Wanaka Farm

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