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Colonize Mars: Play to Earn, ROI Estimate and Free Staking Income Calculator

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It’s been a while! Once again, been busy exploring new play-to-earn and NFT opportunities. I believe that if done right, and as long as you properly manage your downside, similar to stocks trading, engaging in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can provide one with exponential income/ capital growth. So for me, it’s worth exploring and studying, to improve our chances of doing it right. Right?

Again, assuming you do it right. That’s why if you noticed, I’ve been focusing on NFTs and play to earns recently, especially in our YouTube channel.

Let’s Colonize Mars!

In our newest video, we discussed this new play-to-earn opportunity that Boss Zee and the ZFT community are also playing – Colonize Mars. It’s a simulation game on how humans and Earthlings can possibly colonize Mars in the future. It also features trading cards that are also NFTs, which can earn you income through staking, and eventually through its in-game use.

I won’t pre-empt the video for you, so if you are interested, please watch this. As always, caveat emptor.

Earn Income Through Staking – How Much and When ROI?

In the previous video, we touched on staking and potential ROI assuming many factors remain at present values or improve further (i.e. exchange rates, taxes). I know it’s a lot to take in, so in this next video, we discussed in more detail the income estimates and assumptions on staking your trading cards. The income of course will depend on the number of cards you own, as well as what rarities these cards are. In this next video, we showed how to use the Excel calculator we prepared, to also guide those who are thinking whether to still enter the game or not. Watch the video here:

Download Your Copy To Help You Compute

As promised, here is the downloadable MS Excel calculator so you can do your own computations. Note that this calculator, as well as the simulations in above video, were created in Nov 1, 2021 when Dark Matters earn 2.128 martia per hour (MPH). This MPH is expected to decrease slowly over time, as more and more Martia is mined and earned. So you need to adjust the rates in the calculator to reflect the present MPH on that day. If you need the present MPH on that day since you don’t have a CM account yet, feel free to send us a message.

CM Earning Power & Income Calculator (as of 20211101)

Caveat emptor. Good luck to all of us, fellow Martians, future Martians, and also those who decide not to play Colonize Mars but are thriving and earning from other NFTs and play-to-earn games, among other investments.

Anyway, the end goal has always been the same from the very beginning — to GYMBFF – Grow Your Money, Be Financially Free.

 Colonize Mars

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