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What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and What is NBA TopShot?

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Long time no post! Been busy exploring the NFT world, and also some up and coming play to earn games. I hope to write about them soon, once I have more game experience (and hopefully earning experience!)

So I made two recent videos, one on NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and the other one on NBA Topshot, both are gaining popularity right now, even among Filipinos, and both of which I’m sharing here right now.

Basics of Non-Fungible Tokens

On NFTs. we discussed in the video the basics, the trends right now and some outrageous recent transactions on most expensive NFTs sold to date. Hopefully, this gives you an idea on what NFTs are, and whether it’s worth spending some money on. This is sort of the next step in the cryptocurrency boom, one of the use cases of using blockchain is being able to verify digital copies as also unique and vetted by the blockchain.

Me, personally, I am open to sinking some money into NFTs if they have earning potential and utility (like in play to earn games, for example). But it will be purely for collections purposes (like an expensive artwork), I think I’d stick to actual paintings rather than digital unique copies. Easy for me to say because I don’t have millions of dollars anyway.

Here’s the video on NFT basics.

NBA Topshot 101

You might ask, why the hell am I posting about NBA Topshot in this personal finance and investments blog? Well, people are spending money on it, so am I, so I want to share it with you in case you’re into collectibles too, and a sports fan. Besides, this is still related to crypto and NFTs as moments are also NFTs, unique digital copies. As mentioned above, I am looking at some play to earn games, and happened to chance on this NFT collectible. I know, I know, I sad I probably won’t sink millions of dollars for an artwork, but this is just a personal hobby and collection.

As mentioned in the video, i don’t expect to make this a money making hobby, just that a hobby, a collection. At least for now, but who knows, there might be more future use cases for these moments. Without further ado, below is the video. Let me know your thoughts!


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