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InstaPay and PesoNet: Common Concerns and Frequently Asked Questions

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Two years ago, we published an article about PesoNet and InstaPay, and how they have made bank-to-bank transfers much much easier. No need to queue to an ATM to withdraw funds, then queue again in a branch to deposit it in another bank. It can now be done via a simple online banking transfer!

We also made a video about PesoNet and InstaPay in our YouTube channel. As the faster and safer way to transfer money to different banks, these payment gateways became much more important when COVID-19 came, and we were forced to do many things virtually and online.


  1. InstaPay is instant. Maximum transaction is capped at 50,000 pesos. Almost real time, it is an available service 24/7, but banks may charge a higher fee for it (ranging from P15 to P25).
  2. PesoNet, meanwhile, has no limit in terms of amount, but it is not instant. It follows a cut-off, like 3pm, or during quarantine it may be adjusted earlier. PesoNet transactions done before cut-off shall be credited to the receiving bank by end of day (around 5:30pm onwards, depending on the bank).
  3. If transaction is done after cut-off, it shall be credited to the receiving bank by end of day, of the next banking day. So, if there are PesoNet transactions done after cut-off, on a Friday, it will be received by end of banking hours of Monday. Same with holidays. Keep this in mind, in using peso net, especially during long weekends, and holidays.

So again, if you need the money to be received asap, use InstaPay. If you can wait, if it is not urgent, or if you have a large amount to transfer, use PesoNet. Transaction fee is lower, but it will take a few hours or even days for the money to be received.

Common Concerns and FAQs

In this video, we answered some of the common concerns and frequently asked questions (FAQs), namely the following:

  1. PesoNet takes long. Is it a scam? Is it legit?
  2. Which is faster, InstaPay or PesoNet?
  3. My money did not arrive. The recipient did not receive the money. What to do?

Maximize the use of InstaPay and PesoNet. Perfect for individuals with many banking transactions, sending to our relatives in provinces. Also perfect for businesses who have many receivables and payables. Trust the system, use it right, use it well. Save time, save effort.

Hope this helps. Don’t forget to subscribe to Invest Money PH You tube channel, ok?

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