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Mister Donut 100K Trial Franchise and KFC Entry-level Franchising

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Sink or swim. Adapt or die. By the way, this is not a sponsored article.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still threatening our public health safety and the economy, various food businesses are trying to find ways to augment lost revenue by adjusting their business models. Some popular food carts have evolved into “home online franchises” and I see friends on social media have become re-sellers of these traditional food cart siomai so that their social media circle can purchase and steam the siomai and dumplings at home.

Other restaurants meanwhile are displaying their frozen goods (e.g. chickenjoy) or ready to cook delicacies (sisig, lechon) in groceries and supermarkets, to attract shoppers to try out their restaurant food, cook it at home and enjoy the meals they have missed so much at the comfort and safety of their homes.

There’s no telling when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, and whether franchising now will be a good idea as community lockdowns have been lifted and re-imposed from time to time. Nonetheless, the bold risk takers out there may find this an opportunity to get started with groundworks, so that when the economy starts to recover, and people start going out, dining out and become spending-driven once again, the new franchises of risk-takers are already up and running, strategically positioned in prime areas. Besides, for sure, there are now more available commercial spaces available, sad to say, as other businesses, especially those deemed non-essential, were forced to close shop for good due to months of zero revenues.

Eons ago, when I was a fresh graduate hunting for my first job, I interviewed with Ramcar Food Group, and they were among the first to offer me a job (under KFC). Didn’t push through, but still a memorable experience. Now, MIster Donut and KFC are joining the fray in offering adjusted franchise models to attract investors and entrepreneurs alike.


Mister Donut 90-day Trial Period

In late 2020, Mister Donut under the Ramcar Food Group announced an experimental franchising scheme that allows franchisees to test their chosen location for the next 90-days to see whether the business will be profitable or not in that location. Here are some of the details provided:

  • Franchisee shall pay P100,000 for this Trial Package, inclusive of the following:
    • Product/ inventory deposit
    • Rental of the assets
    • Basic equipment and kitchenware
    • COVID-19 protection items (shields, etc)
    • Official uniforms
    • Cabinets and storage
    • Mobilization fee (?)
    • Bond for other expenses
  • 50% of the investment may be refundable
  • Franchisee (you, if ever) should already have a location in mind (minimum 4sqm)
  • Success Criteria: At least P10,000 profit per month and return on investment (ROI) potential of 24 months
  • If successful, your Trial store shall be converted into a regular store which means you need to pay franchise fee and regular package suited for your location
    • Estimated franchise costs: P285,000 for indoor kiosks, P380,000 for outdoor kiosks, P500,000 for inline kiosks, P1.4 million for counter cafes, and P2.4 million for those with dine-in
  • If success criteria are not achieved, shop will be closed but franchisee may move to another location for another trial run.

This is the company’s way of enticing budding entrepreneurs who have a smaller capital available, or those who want to test the waters first before committing a bigger investment, especially in this challenging times.

Interested? Try the following contact details:

  • Phone/Mobile Number: 0917 889 6148
  • Email Address:
  • Facebook Page:
  • Franchise Business Address: Mister Donut Franchise Department, Ramcar Center, 80-82 Roces Ave. Quezon City

KFCs Innovative Franchising Scheme

Finger-lickin’ good kentucky fried chicken from KFC is also offering their own innovative franchising scheme. Two weeks ago, KFC, also under the Ramcar Food Group, announced a business opportunity for those who don’t have much experience in running quick service restaurants (QSRs, yes that’s what we call fastfoods now). Here are some of the details:

  • KFC Philippines, franchisor, will take care of the store operations. Company HR will be involved in hiring and training of staff
  • Franchisee (you, a budding entrepreneur) will have a less stressful experience managing the store
    • Enjoy the following support from KFC: business development support, advertising and marketing, operations management
  • You should have a good property / location available (minimum 700 sqm for free-standing/ drive thru store; 160 sqm for inline/ mall store)
  • Here’s the catch. Investment starts at P19 million, inclusive of:
    • Store construction
    • Equipment
    • Initial fees

Do you have that amount? Interested? Inquire via


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Images from KFC website and Mister Donut Facebook page

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