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Why you should invest in Bitcoin

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Many people play with the idea of investing in Bitcoin. They ask themselves questions like: “What does a Bitcoin cost? “Is a Bitcoin still worth it?” “Should one invest in Bitcoin or not? In fact, there are many good reasons why you should invest in Bitcoin. Of course, there is a lot of information out there and not everything you can find has a hand and a foot.

So before you can buy Bitcoin, you should be sufficiently informed about it. For all those who are perhaps considering investing in Bitcoin, we have compiled the most important information and facts below. In short: an investment in Bitcoin in 2019 is also a good idea.

Buy Bitcoin: Yes or no?

Like many other interested parties, you may be wondering whether it’s worth investing in Bitcoin in 2019 at all. Of course, there are the legendary tales of crypto millionaires and Lambo drivers who invested in Bitcoin more than 5 years ago when the price was below USD 10. Even though such profit potential is no longer apparent today – and many of these legends are pure inventions – Bitcoin is still worthwhile. And very much so says

If you had decided to invest 1000 USD in Bitcoin on January 1, 2019, you would have already made more than 500 Euro profit – 50% return in less than 5 months. The question “Is Bitcoin still worth it?” can be answered with a clear YES.

But WHY you should invest in Bitcoin – this question requires a closer look. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of good reasons why investing in Bitcoin in 2019 is still an excellent idea.

Figure: Price increase of Bitcoin between 01.01.2019-07.05.2019, source:


How much does a Bitcoin cost?

An important aspect for everyone who wants to invest in Bitcoin is of course how the Bitcoin price is at the moment. First of all, it is important to note that you can buy any part of an entire Bitcoin. So if you want to invest in Bitcoin for the first time, you can do so with a small amount and buy more at a later date. So: what does a Bitcoin currently cost? The answer is constantly changing, the Bitcoin rate is very dynamic.

Once you have decided to invest in Bitcoin, it is advisable to keep an eye on the Bitcoin price. However, one should not be tempted by sometimes stronger daily developments to panic (sales) purchases. The Bitcoin price is sometimes very volatile and can sometimes fluctuate by a double-digit percentage. To keep an eye on what a Bitcoin costs, you can either visit websites like Coinmarketcap, or check out our Bitcoin price index.

As a prospective Bitcoin investor you will of course ask yourself how the Bitcoin price will develop in the near future. Experts and analysts have already racked their brains on this question and are constantly updating their assessments. In our Bitcoin Forecast 2019 we have summarized numerous expert opinions and current market developments for you.

The price is recovering in 2019 from the 2018 adjustment.

2018 was not a good year for all Bitcoin investors. For Bitcoin, as for practically all other crypto currencies, things went rapidly downhill, with annual losses of up to -85% remaining in the end. What caused a lot of sensation and anger in 2018 means a lot of good news for 2019, though. For one thing, last year’s losses led to a long overdue cleanup of the crypto market caused by the massive rises and hype in Q4 2017.

Many market participants, who had entered as pure speculators, left the market again (disappointed). Interested and long-term investors, on the other hand, have consolidated their investments and are still in the market. This usually also means that the phases of extreme volatility – price fluctuations of more than 10% per day – should at least largely be a thing of the past. In addition, the adjustment of the previous year Bitcoin 2019 also prepares the ground for solid price gains. There are many indications that Bitcoin is clearly undervalued with a value of around € 5500.


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Bitcoin trend clearly pointing upwards

Following on from the previous point, it seems undisputed that Bitcoin is currently still clearly undervalued. The Bitcoin Trend 2019, for example, has so far clearly shown an upward trend. At the beginning of the year Bitcoin stood at a value of 3746 USD according to Coinmarketcap, on 4th May it is listed at an impressive 5860 USD. In a year-on-year comparison, this results in a saturated price increase of 56%!  This is a remarkable return that of course cannot be achieved so quickly with classic investor instruments. The market is clearly bullish for the Bitcoin price in 2019. The signs are good that the price will continue to rise in the coming weeks and months. Many of the other developments, which we will discuss below as further reasons for investing in Bitcoin, will also ensure this.

Many experts and analysts are increasingly optimistic

The list of experts who expect positive developments for Bitcoin 2019 bears many well-known names from the crypto world. Among them is Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of Bitpay. As a payment processor, his company is responsible for ensuring that more and more large and well-known companies accept Bitcoin as a payment method. He expects his company to continue to attract many new companies to Bitcoin in the coming months. The respected analyst Tom Lee, former strategist at JP Morgan and co-founder of Fundstrat, also sees a bullish (i.e. rising) Bitcoin share price in 2019.

Mike Novogratz, who will be known to many as the founder of Galaxy Digitial, a merchant bank for crypto and blockchain companies, even estimates that Bitcoin could again reach a five-figure value in 2019. Also very optimistic was Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC – one of China’s crypto-ban knee-deep crypto exchanges. 

The tireless use of Winklevoss twins (perhaps known to them as Mark Zuckerberg’s competitors in the early days of Facebook) to register Bitcoin ETFs in the US also testifies to the potential and positive development they see for Bitcoin in the coming times. It should also be noted that the Winklevoss twins are likely to be one of the largest owners of Bitcoins.

Caveat emptor.

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