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PhilCrowd Gets SEC Approval as FilFund Microfinance Corp

philcrowd sec registration
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In Sep 23, we wrote about the SEC advisory on PhilCrowd. The crowdfunding group also provided their reply on the said advisory.

SEC advisory organico

The good news is, a few months after the said advisory, PhilCrowd was able to secure the SEC certificate of incorporation as Filfund Microfinance Corporation.

This then paves the way for the crowdfunding group to continue at full speed their mission to provide retail investors with more options on how to grow their money, via investing smaller amounts in retail business, franchised businesses, agriculture, foreclosed properties, etc.

In fact, lately, they have been expanding rapidly on the investment options that they offer to every Juan. The smaller starting investment amount (P25K) makes it more accessible to more Pinoys raring to find ways in growing their money. Since this is crowdfunded, many retail investors are able to fund a certain investment at smaller capital (e.g. gas station, or franchised business, or piggery), that otherwise will require a much higher starting capital if Juan will finance it on his own. Meanwhile profits shall be split among investors, net of PhilCrowd’s share.

Photo from PhilCrowd Facebook page

As usual, caveat emptor on your investments. As these are investments, returns are not guaranteed. Worse it may result to losses for some.

Click here to see more information about PhilCrowd and what they have to offer.

Unfortunately, their website is still undergoing enhancements so for now, you may contact them via their Facebook page: PhilCrowd Official. Hopefully, once the website is up, Juan can view his investments updates and the returns.

See more details on their SEC registration announcement here:

(Click here if the Facebook post does not appear)

Crowfunding is just one of the many ways that a simple Pinoy can consider in growing his money. To learn more about crowdfunding and other investment options, download your copy of the #10Steps to a Richer Life book.

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2 Responses

  1. JP says:

    SEC Certificate doesn’t guarantee the legitimacy of the company. PYEW!

    • Admin says:

      Agree JP. In fact there are dubious companies who get SEC registered but still engage in illegal activities. But nonetheless, I think getting SEC registration is a step towards the right direction for PHilCrowd or any crowdfunding organization for that matter. Better than not having legal corporate papers at all.

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