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Choosing the Most Appropriate Social Platform for Your Business

social media for businesses
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Nowadays, companies cannot survive without having a social media account. You can choose from various channels like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. But, not all social media channels cater to the same people. It is essential to know your target audience when joining these platforms. First off, let us talk about the importance of a social media account. Everything can be seen on social media, from small businesses to huge corporations. Companies use these platforms to have better engagements with their customers to increase sales and visibility. Millions of people use different social media outlets every day. So, it is vital for companies to know where to look for their potential customers. Therefore, it is important to choose the most appropriate social platform for your business.

Before knowing which social media platform to use, you need to consider some factors, like the target audience, goals, and skills. For example, you are doing social media marketing in Miami beach, then it is important to target people living there. Knowing who your target audience is vital when choosing which social media platform to use. If you want to target younger audiences, you can go to YouTube or Snapchat. But if you’re going to target more mature audiences, then you can go to LinkedIn or Facebook. Knowing your goal of joining a platform is also crucial to making this work. If you want to increase traffic by being viral, then the best way is to create a YouTube video that is unique and intriguing. Finally, it is essential to consider your skills. If you cannot take good photos, then you can’t use Instagram properly. If you are a good writer, use Facebook to create articles about your product or company.



Facebook is the most well-known social media channel in the world. They have around two billion monthly active users. All types of people, from different parts of the world, are on Facebook. So, whatever business type that you have, having a Facebook account can help with your online visibility. A Facebook account is a must-have if you want people to know about your company. A lot of people search for stuff on Facebook. Don’t waste the chance for some free publicity. You can also use Facebook as the home base of your online marketing.

Most of Facebook’s users are above 18. Even senior citizens have their Facebook accounts.  This platform is known for connecting all types of people and businesses worldwide. It is relatively easy to use. You can post articles, photos, and videos regarding your product or service. Don’t forget to utilize their live streaming which can draw people’s attention.

Facebook also has their own marketplace, which can benefit businesses because interacting with customers becomes easier. People can easily see the products or services that you offer and whether or not they want to avail. Facebook is best used by creating long-form text posts for your customers. Create engaging articles about your company or product to help your consumers know more about you.


Instagram is a social media platform which is also owned by Facebook. With Instagram, it has always been about posting pictures. But now, even businesses use this platform to connect with their customers. Initially, Instagram was only a place to post your beautiful photos. But, with the addition of stories and direct messaging through it, people found it easier to connect with businesses that they follow.

Instagram and Facebook have the same demographic. Most of their users are millennials. So, if you are a business looking to target millennials, then Instagram and Facebook are your best platforms to use. Instagram is best used for businesses with a physical or actual product. You can post appealing pictures of your product to entice potential customers. Generally, people are more attracted to high-quality images than text posts. So, having a fantastic product, together with a great marketing team, you can maximize engagements through thi splatform.  You can also take advantage of the stories feature. Show your followers how your company runs or who are the people behind the product.


YouTube is a social media platform where you can upload videos and have subscribers to your page. A large percentage of online users go to YouTube. The users vary from different ages and countries. All kinds of business can use this platform to have more engagements with their fan base. Companies use YouTube to create videos that might go viral and boost their online presence. It is also a great way to notify your customers or fans on what is happening with your company. You can create informative videos on your products, or you can create videos talking about the credentials of the company.

YouTube is the best social media platform to post videos. The amount of traffic that YouTube has daily is high. Videos can reach millions of people in a single day. Some YouTube videos even have billions of views already. This shows the power of YouTube in spreading content throughout the world.



Twitter is a social networking site wherein a lot of people go to get news and information all around the world. Twitter users can create a post which is called a “tweet” which contains a maximum of 140 characters only. Most of Twitter’s users are also above 18 years of age, mainly millennials. This is the go-to place for all kinds of news from different countries or industries. Even with Twitter’s lack of innovation, it never goes out of style. People still use this platform a lot every day. Businesses can take advantage of Twitter’s fast-paced style of posting. You can tweet a lot in a day because of short posts. People will not get tired of seeing tweets unlike long articles on Facebook. Even though tweets are mainly made up of characters, don’t forget to use images to help draw attention to your tweets. You can get more engagements if your tweet has some form of visual stimuli.


There are a lot of different social media platforms on the internet. It is crucial for businesses to stay up to date with the latest trends and topics concerning their companies. Plan your social media marketing to help boost sales. Choose the appropriate platform for your company.


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