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How to Handle Gold Coins Correctly

gold coins
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Gold coins have a certain beauty about them and like any other precious metal object, they can easily be damaged. Gold is not exactly one the hardest metals, in fact, traders used to bite down on a dollar coin, to check if it is, in fact, made from gold, thanks to it malleability. Obviously, you want to take good care of your gold coin collection and with that in mind, here are some useful tips on how to correctly handle gold coins.

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Always Handle by the Edges

Whether gold, silver, platinum or palladium, coins should always be handled by the edges. Which avoids oil and dirt building up on the face. If you watch an antique dealer when he examines a precious coin and you will see how he never touches either face. If you are looking to buy precious coins, you can go to pawn shops Melbourne that locals trust in order to find a selection of coins and prices that are likely to be favourable, as the pawn broker simply wants to get his money back and is not too interested in making a profit on the transaction.


Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

Prior to handling the coins, you should wash your hands with soap, as this will remove most of the natural oils that your skin creates. If you repeatedly handled the coins without washing your hands, the coin surfaces would collect dirt and grime, which can cause decay.



Use a Thick Towel As Base

A soft bath towel or some felt fabric provides the best cleaning surface, or like many coin collectors, you can use a square metre of velvet. In the event you dropped a coin, this will ensure it doesn’t come into contact with any hard surfaces, which could damage the edges.

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Avoid Saliva

If you’ve seen so-called experts breathe on a coin, then use their own saliva to clean it, this is, in fact, bad practice. Human saliva can contain acids that might harm the precious metal surface, so avoid breathing on the coins or moistening them with saliva as it could damage the item.


Minimal Contact

Every time the coins are handled, they can pick up elements, so as a rule, you should only handle the coins when it is absolutely essential. Some coin collectors give their entire coin collection a regular clean perhaps once or even twice a year, which will keep them looking good.


Store In A Safe, Dry And Cool Place

Avoid storing your coins anywhere that is humid and obviously, they must be securely stored, as in a safe or safety deposit box. There are special coin collector’s albums that have lots of small pockets with clear plastic sleeves and if you have more than a few, investing in one would be a good idea. There are informative articles you can find online that clearly explains the ideal environment for storing valuable coins.

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There are online gold dealers who offer gold in many different forms and all it takes to make contact is an online search. If you forge an alliance with a reputable precious coin dealer, they can help whenever you wish to add to your collection.


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