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Wealth Management Isn’t Just for the Wealthy – Prospecting Guide for Wealth Managers

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Let’s face it: Customers from different generations have very different approaches to money and very different outlooks on the world.

Take millennials, for example: The pressures and worries they’ve faced are different from even their parents. There are millennials who are also poised to inherit a huge amount of assets in their lifetimes, so understanding what they think about when they think about money is crucial to building a solid foundation for business in the future.

Let’s talk about gender: More women in the millennial generation work than ever before, and many of them are the primary breadwinners in their households. But for many women, their approach to money is quite different than men, and so the same tools and conversation techniques won’t work. Many of them may not feel they have enough to invest or may find the investing world confusing.

What else can you learn to get to know this generation? This following infographic is helpful.

The Right Engagements Deepen and Grow Your Book of Business

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