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Updated and Historical FarmOn ROI

FarmOn Opens 16th Cycle; PSEi Reaches All Time High - How's Your Money?
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Last updated: February 2020 harvest.

Here’s a refresher about FarmOn:

So last week, FarmOn emailed us about the recent harvest of our investments in squash and watermelon. So far it’s the smallest we have received in terms of ROI but we’re thankful for the passive income nonetheless. Further, we already expected the ROI to be less compared to our previous investments given (1) the significantly higher demand from investors, which means the high ROI items run out immediately after cycle opening; (2) the items we invested in are sort of left-overs a few days after cycle opening so these are not too popular, precisely because of the lower expected ROI.

But we continue to invest nonetheless, even in lower ROI / longer harvest cycle items since it’s better than nothing, right? Plus, our own little way to help our farmers. So this post shall be the running compilation of the harvest ROIs we have received so far.

Updated and Historical FarmOn ROI


Some notes first:

  • Below are the ROIs we have received for our own account since we started investing, this is already net of the share of FarmOn and the farmers. Sorry but I cannot list down the other ROIs posted by other investors on Facebook due to sheer number and since it’s not our actual experience. You may see these though in the related Facebook groups.
  • I indicated below the actual ROI, then I tried to compute the annualized return (from payment to crediting) for comparison purposes with other investment options. These returns are subject to change per harvest cycle, per actual farm you invested in, and these ROI are in no way guaranteed.
  • Similar to the Pag-ibig MP2 historical dividend post, I will just update this post as and when we receive new harvests in the future. So bookmark this post ok?
  • For FarmOn-sourced estimated ROI, please click here.
  • Again, we are not related to FarmOn. This is not a sponsored post from FarmOn. We only invest small amounts, money we can afford to lose. Likewise, we just reinvest the harvest proceeds. For the SEC advisory on FarmOn and other crowdfunding, click here.
  • Caveat emptor. This is not an investment offer, but rather an alternative for you to consider. For more information about crowdfunding, click here.


  • Start: Oct 1, paid around August 2019 (ongoing / pending)
  • Rice (Bouvardia): ongoing / pending

JULY 2019 – CYCLE 22

  • Start: Jul 15, paid around April 2019, harvest Feb 2020 (10 months from payment)
  • Squash: 10% (annualized 12%)
  • Watermelon: 10.5% (annualized 12.6%)


  • Start: October 1, Paid around July 2018, Harvest Feb 2019 and July 2019 (~7 to 12 months from payment)
  • Squash: 12.3% (harvested after 7 months, annualized ROI is 21.09%)
  • Papaya: 15.3% (harvested after almost 12 months, annualized ROI is 15.3%)


  • Start: March 15, Paid Feb2018, Harvest Aug 2018 (~6 months from payment)
  • Squash: 12.7% (annualized 25%)
  • Watermelon: 12.9% (annualized 26%)



  • Start: June 15, Paid May2017, Harvest Dec 2017 (~7 months from payment)
  • Fish Pond: 23% (annualized 39%)
  • Pekin Duck: 26% (annualized 45%)


  • Start: March 1, Paid Jan2017, Harvest Nov/Dec 2017 (~11 months from payment)
  • Hot Pepper: 32% (annualized 35%)
  • Green Chili: 30% (annualized 33%)

Pretty decent returns for very little effort from our end, so imagine the returns if you do this funding directly to your chosen farmers in your provinces. We need more investments in our agriculture so if we can channel more funds to our dear farmers (and fishermen), much better.

To learn more about other investment options and how to have a richer life in 10 steps, click here.


May you have a richer life!



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