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Writing Service Business Is Not A Help For Cheaters

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What do you think about writing as a business? Do you think that professional writers offering professional essay writing services can be seen as some sort of accomplices to cheating, which is a serious academic offense? If you think so, think again. Yes, it is a profitable business which makes money helping students and hardworking people to do their homework, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Who do you think needs such services? It is not only lazy people who may need to order a custom essay to avoid severe consequences of not meeting a deadline. Below is the list of possible reasons for ordering such work.



Here is the list of possible reasons for the need to order a writing service, and of possible writing customers. It is quite possible that someday you will recognize yourself in this list.

Writing for Students

The first customers of writing business are the college and university students who struggle with their homework. Do not be hasty judging them as immoral, though rarely you might find a university professor who would approve students buying a work and submitting sometimes too good papers as their own.

It is indeed better for academic integrity and for your learning that you submit a genuinely your own work. But sometimes the challenging demands of universities leave no other choice.

Here are the reasons why students need this service:

  • Laziness and lack of desire to do the work. First, that comes to mind. It is true in a way, but it is not necessarily so.
  • You might be smart, but find it hard to survive in the academic world. There are academic counseling centers in universities, there are teaching assistants, tutorials, and professors usually have office hours when students can drop in with a question. It seems to be not enough as the number of students who use writing services is steadily increasing.
  • International, ESL students. It is very hard to write a good academic piece without sufficient language proficiency.
  • Problems with health. A student may get sick because of stress caused by the new demanding environment.
  • An urgent need to leave during studies. Not necessarily for leisure, it may be an urgent family emergency.
  • Work or family responsibilities. There may be adult married students. Probably they take courses to raise qualification or to get a new profession. It is a stereotype that most undergraduate students are young. Even young students often combine work with studies, and may not have time to do the work themselves.

It is evident from this list that not only lazy cheaters may use this service. In fact, many lazy people probably cannot afford such services. They are not cheap, an average college essay costs about $13 per page. If you need a dissertation, it may cost you up to $5000.

Customers who order such work are financially competent to pay for them. And as there are many orders for 15 pages or more, a company who offers writing services makes a good profit. Finally, the fact that so many students use writing services is a signal that there is something wrong with university educational system.

Writing for Business

This service is not only used by students. There are successful representatives of business who use writing services for their needs. They are busy people who do not really have time for everything. They hire writers to do this. Here are some jobs that such writers do:

  • Blog writing
  • Website writing
  • Presentations
  • Newsletter
  • Case study
  • Corporate communications
  • Business plan
  • Research
  • Brochures
  • Press release

These are only a few of the tasks that may be assigned to writers in the business. This job is done by professionals who know how to produce a unique and original content which is well written and researched and does not contain errors.

Sometimes it may not be good, particularly for students whose real writing style is far from perfect, and it is easily can be discovered in an exam. For business writing, it is rather profitable and adds to business reputation. Click here to know more about the types of business writing.



It is not easy to run writing business. It has to be well organized, and the efforts and costs that are invested in it must return great results, otherwise, it is not worth even trying. Let us see a little more into the ways of organization and financial side of this business.


These people whom you ask to write your paper were someday students like you who then only started earning their living as writers. All they had is the love of writing. Some such people remain humble writers earning those 9-15 bucks you pay them.

Those who run writing services actually know more. They know about content marketing, SEO technologies and much more. Generally, they are good sellers. They know what you want and sell you their product.

Usually, they do not work alone. They hire writers, managers, internet specialists and many others. It is probable that the paper you need to be written on time is assigned to a student like you who is working as a writer to pay for his or her studies and textbooks. The owners and managers give them assignments, like in school.

Costs Returned

It takes costs to run this business. Even if such agencies do not have an office, there are still costs of running a site, hiring people, buying software and hardware. These costs, according to the rule of supply and demand are returned as an immense profit that amounts to thousands of dollars, since there are so many people who need writing services.

Here are only some common costs:

  • Renting or buying an office or arranging something like this at home, organizing contacts between managers and writers.
  • Hiring employees
  • Buying software and hardware (make sure all employees have all appropriate equipment)
  • Paying taxes and salary
  • Running a service site

Writing is not only a job, it is a business which is profitable for both writers and their clients. Someday it may happen that you will need this service, and probably you will look differently at those order writing services, and at those who offer them. Probably, you need it now? Then do not hesitate, place your order and rest assured that your work will be done well and on time.

The opinions and position of this guest writer does not necessarily reflect the opinions and position of Rich Money Hacks and of Geri. If businesses can outsource its writing requirements, can students doing academic work do the same? Is it tantamount to plagiarism or it is acceptable as long as proper credits are given? Like it or not, the writing business is out there, a thriving business that is becoming more and more accessible. It now depends on you on how to use it to your legal and moral advantage. 🙂

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