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How to Save More, Spend Less, Borrow Less – 101++ Ways Audiobook

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More than a year ago, I released the ebook SExD 101, short for Savings, Expenses, & Debt Mgt: 101++ Ways to Save Your Self. It was meant for:

  • Juan who wants to learn how to save more money, how to reduce expenses and debts
  • Juan who is you having difficulty saving money, Juan who is hiding from creditors and collections agents
  • Juan who is always tempted to shop and spend, Juan who is over limit in your credit card balance

Why is it important to manage Juan’s savings, expenses and debt?

Savings Management, Expense Management and Debt Management are like the legs of a stool. You have to manage each and every leg, you have to strengthen all three, to create a stable foundation for your financial life.

You can’t just focus on one and shortchange the two because that will create an imbalanced stool, which will cause you, and your financial life to tumble. Since this is the foundation of your financial future, you wouldn’t want to build it upon unstable ground right?

Pay attention to all three, put up a conscious effort to manage the three. Once you nail the three, then you are ready to make your money work harder for you.

Before you make your money work for you, you have to make and keep as much money as you can. More money coming in, and working, than going out.

Well now, it’s not just an ebook version. An audiobook version is now available as well.

Click Here: Download SExD 101 eBook & Audiobook

In the ebook and audiobook,

  • See how the three are connected with one another much like the 3 legs of a stool.
  • Learn why Juan has to manage all these 3, and why focusing on just one while neglecting the other 2 will create an imbalance in Juan’s financial standing.
  • Know at least 101 ways to save your future self, 101 ++ ways you can start applying today.
  • Get additional resources for a deeper discussion on certain management styles.
  • Easy to read, listen on the go, very easy to apply!
  • Read it via PDF or ebook reader
  • Download and listen to the audiobook in MP3 format

Take charge of your financial life today! Before you invest, master SExD 101! Visit our store now.

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Save money by availing of the Savings Sexy Bundle, to download both the ebook and audiobook versions. Visit our Store for more information.

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 SExD101 SExD101 audiobook

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