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FarmOn Cycle 19 Opening: Details You Need to Know

farmon agri community corp
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FarmOn announced through its Facebook group that cycle 19 will open this coming Monday, July 16. Registration for new members and selection of agricultural investments will commence that same day and will last until August 31 or until supplies last (probably the latter).

Planting cycle will start October 1.

It also announced a one-time registration fee of PHP300, applicable to new members who will register. For those still asking whether referrals are needed, please note that referrals (and referrors) are no longer necessary starting Cycle 15. Prospective members may just register on their own as soon as registration opens. Expect some website downtime though especially during the first day of registration.



Available products to invest in, according to the announcement, are as follows:

  • Rice (Amaryllis) P9,000.00
  • Rice (Bouvardia) P8,500.00
  • Rice (Carnations) P8,000.00
  • Rice (Daffodils) P7,500.00
  • Banana P3,000.00
  • Papaya P4,300.00
  • Fish pond P5,000.00
  • Squash (Growers) – P1,500.00

Expect the last 4 items to run out first as they tend to have faster turnaround time and relatively higher ROI, compared to rice. Click here for the previously published ROI guidance.



Is FarmOn legitimate? According to them, they are DTI registered, hence not bound by SEC rules. Indeed, DTI has jurisdiction on sole proprietors and FarmOn is registered as such. But I believe SEC has the purview when it comes to entities accepting investments from the public. I might be wrong though. So what gives?

For me, this is not necessarily a bad thing, just a matter of the crowdfunding groups and regulatory bodies coming into agreement as to what permits are necessary, and securing such permits. Click here to read more about the SEC Advisory on FarmOn.

As always, caveat. Only invest your long-term money, preferably money you can afford to risk, or worse, lose. I am in no way connected to FarmOn (or other crowdfunding sites we discussed in this site), and like you, I’m just a retail investor with a managed exposure in some crowdfunding sites. I’m just a retail investor giving our dear readers and subscribers various options on how to invest their money (and inherent to that are the risks involved). I do believe that crowdfunding is the future, so government agencies better work fast on how to oversee these. I’ve already said my piece regarding this, as mentioned here.

Source: FarmOn Facebook Group and website.


As for our limited investments on squash and watermelon, we are still waiting for the harvest though I sense that it is coming soon as I’ve been seeing people posting about how happy and thankful they are about their recent harvest.

Happy FarmOner here so far, with the profitable investments in chili (red and green), peking duck and fish pond from previous cycles.

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10 Responses

  1. Admin says:

    Live Chart Transcript 3/20/2019

    Arc: hi can i ask question?

    Geri: sure

    Arc: I read some article in your site.. I want to start investing . about this crowdfunding how is that?

    Geri: I saw ur comment din. sa farmon u need to wait for cycle opening then open an account then choose the crops u want

    Arc: Saan po ako mag oopen account?

    Geri: Sa website po

    Arc: Legit namn po yun ?

    Geri: so far po. may papers naman po sila

    Arc: Pag mag iinvest po dun online payment ? or by bank?

    Geri: deposit or online transfer po sa bdo acct nila

  2. arccanimo says:

    HI how can I invest here??

    • Admin says:

      You need to open a farmon account in once the new cycle opens. From there choose the crops you want that are still available. Then pay via BDO and wait for harvest. 🙂

  3. Myk says:

    Hi! Please update ROI guide as it looks to be old. Thanks!

  4. Lala says: is SEC registered. SEC name is FarmOn Agri-Community Corp

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the update. They should update their website then since the FAQs still say they are DTI. Nonetheless, let’s note that being SEC registered only allows an entity to operate as a company, soliciting investments will need another license. Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-FarmOn and crowdfunding, but I also need to let our readers know what they’re getting into. Thanks again Lala!

  5. Admin says:

    As of 8.30am Jul 17, remaining products are rice (lots of it!) some papaya and some squash. Added a few more squash and papaya. Waiting for our squash and watermerlon from the March cycle 🙂

  6. Jethro says:

    Thank you for informing us about the upcoming cycle. I will tell it to some of my friends who are into investing their hard-earned money into legitimate investments. Keep us informed. More power!

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