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Philippine Businesses Need to be Serious about SEO, Here’s Why

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Myriad of personalities like Philippines’ #1 Success Coach John Calub have long introduced and discussed to us the factors of achieving a business success. For a length, the relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a point of debate for  every business. Whereas others view SEO as dead, some believe it’s completely crucial to invest into it.

SEO is the process of improving a website or pages in order to increase the search engine visibility, organic search traffic, leads, and revenue of a particular brand.

Several businesses and industries of all sorts around the world have been utilizing SEO ever since. However, here in the Philippines, though there are already individuals and organizations who provide SEO services, most to all of its clients are businesses abroad. This only reveals that our local business sectors still don’t realize the importance of SEO in achieving business and marketing goals.

If you’re a Filipino who owns or manages a business in the country, may it be a resort, hotel, restaurant, travel agency, consulting firm, school or any other, the following are the top reasons why you should start investing with SEO in the Philippines.


Individuals usually go to search engines to find the exact products or services they are looking for, whether they are using desktop computers or mobile gadgets. On the other hand, they usually use social networks like Facebook to connect with friends, express themselves, play games, or even just spend time staring at the newsfeed doing nothing.

Of course, some also use social media, especially Facebook, to find places and pages, to connect with businesses and brands they need. Nonetheless, Google and other search engines are still the places to be on the Internet when searching for products and services they need.

That being said, you’re missing a lot of potential clients and customers when your business is not visible on the search engines.

For example: Let’s say I’m from the Metro and would visit Nasugbu soon, chances are I’ll use Google to search for good restaurants around the area. For whatever query (eg. where to eat in Nasugbu),  the restaurants listed on top of the results take huge advantage since they are the ones that will be discovered first by people who’ll search Google using the keywords.

The answer of getting your business appear on top of search engine results pages is none other than SEO. When you have a website or blog for your business and as you successfully optimize your content, and improve what people are saying about your business, your brand can be more discoverable on Google and other search engines.



Ever wonder why you’re being left out with the competition? Maybe, just maybe, they are already using SEO and this is among the reasons why they thrive. Even if you have the best products or services in the industry, it still won’t succeed if people simply don’t hear about your business. In this digital world, the Internet is already an important arena for business and marketing competition. That being said, your competitors would likely take the bigger share of the market if you are not optimizing your brand for the search engines and the people who are using them.


SEO has already evolved into a strategic and integrated marketing campaign that generates long-term results. It’s not anymore all about short tactics to rank higher on search results but already more about making the business successful in the long run. Thanks to Google’s constant effort in updating its algorithm to focus on quality and value, SEO is now more about creating valuable content, building relationships rather than links, and making customers or users happy.

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SEO is a digital marketing strategy that can be implemented by businesses in all sizes. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 business to harness the power of SEO. Though it may involve additional cost for your business, it gives better ROI that could make your business more profitable and stable.

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Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about Digital Marketing. He believes in others’ abilities and tends to bring out people’s hidden potentials through his words of inspirations and motivational articles.


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